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University of Leipzig
Leipzig, Germany
Founded 1409 when German scholars withdrew from the University of Prague. The establishment of the University was confirmed by Papal Bull. Reorganized 1946. The University has always adhered to the...
Heidelberg University
Heidelberg, Germany
Founded 1386 by Rupert I, Elector of the Palatinate. The character of the University was profoundly affected by the Renaissance and the Reformation. It was reorganized as an independent institution...
Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg
Bamberg, Germany
Founded 1647. Incorporated School of Theology, formerly part of 18th century University of Bamberg, and a College of Education established in 1958. An autonomous institution under the jurisdiction of and...
Agora Energiewende
Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2 Berlin, Germany
Agora Energiewende is a think tank and policy institute. As a politically and economically independent non-profit organisation, Agora Energiewende is dedicated to supporting the success of the clean energy transition,...
University of Wuppertal
Wuppertal, Germany
Founded 1972. Incorporated a branch of Rheinland College of Education, Köln, and Technical College. Acquired present title 1975. An autonomous institution under the jurisdiction of and financially supported by the...
Last updated: 07.06.2020

Business companies in Germany




Cafes (2) ~ Drinks (1) ~ Food (3) ~ Food Delivery (3) ~ Restaurants (3)



Colleges and Universities (8)

Energy Use




Finance and Insurance

Government and Non-profit

Education (8) ~ NGO (1) ~ Policy-Making, Think Tanks, Analytical (1) ~ Scientific (8)

Health and Care

Alternative Medicine (1) ~ Clinics and Hospitals (3)


Industrial Goods and Services

Computers (3) ~ Electronic and Optical Products (2)


Professional Services

Accounting (3) ~ Business Management and Consulting (3) ~ Computer Repairs and Servicing (3) ~ Marketing (1) ~ Repairing (2) ~ Web Design, Programming, SEO (3)

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents (1) ~ Rent and Leasing (1)

Science and Technology

Institutes, Laboratories (8)

Sports and Recreation


Computer Software (3)


Transport and Storage


Accommodation (2) ~ Tour Guides (1) ~ Transportation (1) ~ Travel Agents (2)

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