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Listing your business is just the first step. The listing is about your brand, so the marketing benefit here is just from promoting your company name. When the client visits your landing page, s/he may have the question:
what products or services can I buy from this company?
After your business is listed, the next vital step is to show indvidually each product or service of your company. For this, we designed the Product & Service Promotion Tool.
Create an unlimited number of Product/Service Pages to individually offer any of your products, services, activities or discounts.
This tool is available under paid subscription.
Once added, your products will stay forever, even when/if your subscription is over.

A product or service page at Bizpages is a tool to advertise your business online. A link to such a product/service page is shown on your business listing page to let your clients know immediately about what your business offers.

Adding a special page devoted to each of your products with a text description, links, photos or videos of your product or service can be a great way to advertise them and promote in search engines such as Google. You can establish direct links to your website so that visitors who find your listig or product page online can directly go to your website page that contains all needed information to make a sale.

See an example of a Product Page created by one of our listed businesses:
Tours in Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Listed businesses can advertise any number of products and services. See subscription to know how this can be done.

To start adding your products, go to your Account or start registration now.
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