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Listing For Business Company

What is a business listing

Listing is a page that is fully dedicated to your business and serves as an entry point for potential clients. Company title, logo, text description, and contact data such as email address, phone, website and mobile messengers/social accounts are displayed.

Want more? The company listing at Bizpages can easily be transformed into a mini-website by adding additional pages which are linked from the main listing.
listing can be free or paid

Why list a business

1. Create an online channel for customers

List your business with all contact details, description of your activities, products and services to create a channel through which your company will be massively advertised to potential clients.

2. Receive direct business requests

Daily, Bizpages receives a massive flow of visitors. Many of them use our pages to send enquiries to individual companies active in a certain country. For a business company, this means that it will start receiving enquiries from our audience. The direct client requests are sent via email, mobile app and/or messengers. Read more...

3. Create additional pages

After creating a business page, start advertising pages for Products & Services that can include any type of tangible or intangible goods, products or services except for those mentioned in our Prohibited Listings page. Also, create auxiliary pages such as About us, TOS, Privacy Policies, etc.

4. Collect business reviews

Bizpages has a built-in system allowing clients to write reviews/comments/opinions about any listed company. This is a great way to collect testimonials about listed business. Read more...

5. Motivate customers to leave reviews

Invite your customers to write reviews about your business, its products and/or services with a special QR code that can be attached to your product package or handed out to the client. Best reviewers take part in Reviewers Contest and its winners are awarded a prize. Read more...

6. Get visitors from the Internet

Listed company page + separate pages for Products & Services can be found by potential clients on the Web. They can reach the TOP of search engines and generate more leads, sales and money for the business.

Who and How Can Be Listed

Business companies and individual entrepreneurs across the world can be listed on Bizpages.

Who can be listed?

Any business-oriented company, organization, agency, service provider, association or individual businessman or businesswoman from any country. Each user can list an unlimited number of businesses except for those mentioned in our Prohibited Listings page.

Listing Requirements

All listings are subject to approval by moderators. This means that only high quality businesses are accepted:
1. Business profile must be complete, contact details provided, activities described
2. Correct business category must be chosen
3. If indicated in the form, website or a page in social networks must be online, not under construction.

Listing Types

There are two types of business listing: Free and Paid. See the comparison between Free and Paid Listing.
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