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Launching BizPromo for Your Business

BizPromo - (Business Community Promotion) is a tool on Bizpages for an infinite promotion, enhancing the visibility of your business online (a business listing on Bizpages, corporate website, or a social media profile) and increasing the number of visitors, views, and sales for your business.

The term infinite promotion means that after setting up a permanent listing on Bizpages and joining BizPromo our users enjoy endless promotion for their business at a very low or even zero cost.
  • Get your business listed
  • Earn ℙromo by completing tasks
  • Spend earned ℙromo on promoting your business
  • Who can participate

    Any company, organization, or individual with a permanent listing on Bizpages.

    Who can be interested in the BizPromo Program

    • New companies or entrepreneurs who have recently launched their business online and would like to gain maximum authority, backlinks from other sites, and followers/shares/reactions from social media
    • A business entering the market with a new product or service and wishing to extensively promote the product, service, or activity online
    • An established business in need of continuous support and online activity - new reactions on social media, website visits, blog backlinks, etc.
    • A seasonal business - when a business needs to acquire the maximum number of customers before the end of the season with minimal advertising costs
    • A business with financial constraints that makes it hard to purchase online advertising
    • Website owners wishing to test the design, functionality, and performance of their website
    • Companies or individuals with a business idea but no website yet. Such users can launch BizPromo for their listing on Bizpages.

    How it works

    Users earn ℙromo with one of the following:
    1. add a permanent profile of a company
    2. create publications about products, services, or activities
    3. complete BizPromo activities
    4. convert funds from balance.
    Users who have earned at least 10 ℙromo may add their business listing to the BizPromo program. After that, all other participants of the BizPromo are invited to do activities related to such a listing.

    Upon successful completion of an activity (verified automatically or by a moderator), the corresponding amount of ℙromo is awarded.

    How to get started?

    See the step-by-step instructions below.
    Step 1  
    Step 2  
    Step 3  
    • With 10 ℙromo, add your business to the BizPromo program
    Step 4  
    • Continue doing activities to earn ℙromo. Other users will continue promoting your business in exchange for ℙromo points.
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