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Obfuscate Email Address & Phone Number from Robots on Your Website

Website owners may want to hide certain data on their pages from internet bots (robots) which are crawling websites and try to extract pieces of data that are so much liked by spammers: email addresses, phone numbers, names of clients, etc.

Such data can be used to:
  • Send you spam
  • Send you viruses and possibly get command of your computer or phone or destroy important files
  • Send you scam SMS messages
  • Match your real name to your email account or phone number
  • Match a person with his/her relatives, friends, job contacts, etc.
  • Identify your areas of business, affiliated companies, job positions etc. including those you may want to keep private
  • Identify your areas of interest and behavior patterns that you may want to keep private.
The above information when it becomes available to abusers, makes the person more vulnerable to possible attacks through which sensitive data or money can be stolen or blackmailed or business reputation hurt.

Obfuscation Tool to Hide Email/Phone on a Web Page

This tool is easy to use and it provides protection against more sophisticated bots such as website parsers with a capability to simulate a browser and run JavaScript (like Google Bot).

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