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Privacy Policy of Bizpages

Bizpages respects the privacy of all who visit bizpages.org and use our services.

As a prospective or current client of Bizpages, you can be assured that we will carefully and consistently safeguard your information. Your name and contact information (including mailing and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers) will only be used by Bizpages to contact you and to maintain your account. Additionally, with the exception of credit card billing (please see below for more information), we will not willfully disclose to any third party any identifying information about our users unless we are legally required to do so.

As a client of Bizpages, you can be further assured that all registration information will be held in strictest confidence.

Bizpages uses third party providers for processing payments and credit cards. When paying for Bizpages services, you may be forwarded to an external website where you may be required to provide credit card information. Bizpages never collects, stores, processes or distributes credit card information.

Bizpages may contain links to other websites outside of our control which may have their own privacy policies. If you choose to use one of such links, you are encouraged to carefully review their privacy policies.

When you become a paid subscriber at Bizpages you agree to accept this Privacy Policy, and you acknowledge that you are aware that this policy may change at any time with or without notice.
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