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Last updated: 22 Sep 2021

France Business Directory - List of Companies

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France is a country in Western Europe, bordered by Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain Switzerland, Andorra, Belgium, and Netherlands.

Area: 643,801 km²

Population - 66.99 million (2019). Ethnic composition: French (94%), Portuguese, Algerians, Italians, Moroccans, Turks, and Basques.

About 5 million people are of foreign origin (immigrants, or their parents or grandparents were immigrants), of which 2 million have French citizenship.

The official language is French.

Features - the country has access to the sea.

Capital city: Paris, 2.148 million (Jan 1, 2020)

Five largest cities in France

  1. Marseille 850 636 people
  2. Lyon 491 268
  3. Toulouse 447 360
  4. Nice 344 068
  5. Nantes 287 845

Economy. GDP volume: 2,716 billion USD (2019). GDP annual growth rate: 4.3% (Q3/20), GDP per capita - USD 44,317 (2019), GDP per capita based on PPP - 46,184 USD (2019). Annual inflation rate: 0% (Oct 2020). Av. salary: 3 084 EUR/month | 3656.931 USD/month. (2017), unemployment rate: 9% (Q3/20). Corruption rank - 23.

According to the World Bank's "Doing Business" rating, France is ranked 32nd among 190 countries. Currency: Euro.

Main sectors of the economy: Industry in France is one of the most important sectors of the country's economy. The main sectors of the industry are manufacture of automobiles and auto parts, aviation, rocket and space technology, electronics and electrical engineering, oil refining and petrochemistry, energy.

The main branch of agriculture in France is meat and dairy farming. France is also the largest producer of wheat and other cereals, corn, oil plants, sugar beets, potatoes, grapes, as well as seeds and other planting materials. France ranks 1st in the EU for production of feed for animals. Fishing and oyster farming are highly developed (second position in the world after China).

Export 37 559 billion EUR | 44.537 billion USD (Sep 2020)

Import 43,305 bn. EUR | 51.35 billion USD (Sep 2020)

The largest companies in France

  1. Carrefour | Market cap: 25.2 billion USD
  2. EADS | Market cap: 52.4 billion USD
  3. L'Oréal group | Market cap: 106.6 billion USD
  4. EDF | Market cap 46.3 billion USD
  5. GDF Suez | Market cap: 49.5 billion USD
  6. Sanofi | Market cap: 136 billion USD
  7. BNP Paribas | Market cap: 78.4 billion USD
  8. AXA | Market Cap: 64.2 billion USD

5 largest banks (by number of clients)

  1. Crédit Agricole - 52,000,000
  2. BNP Paribas - 32,000,000
  3. Groupe BPCE - 31,200,000
  4. Société Générale - 31,000,000
  5. Caisse d'Epargne - 20,600,000

Company Listing / Business Directory in France

Bar À Iode Saint-Germain
34, boulevard Saint-Germain Paris, France
Situé sur le mythique boulevard Saint Germain, à deux pas de Notre Dame de Paris, le Bar à Iode Saint Germain a ouvert ses portes en 2014. Il vous accueille...
Restaurant Hôtel Les 3 Terrasses
Rue Principale Sari-solenzara, France
Les 3 terrasses, riche de ses 14 chambres TOUT équipées, de son restaurant aux saveurs authentiques et son bar à cocktails, vous accueille toute l'année à Solenzara. Un établissement solidement ancré...
Pascal Pomès
6 rue Lacaze Paris, France
Professionnel de la santé mentale depuis plus de 15 ans, avec diverses expériences hospitalières et institutionnelles, Pascal POMÈS, vous accueille dans son espace thérapeutique, afin de pourvoir évoquer vos problématiques.Professionnel...
Nicolas DELORME psychologue clinicien
46 avenue de Moka Saint-Malo, France
Psychologue clinicien et psychothérapeute, Nicolas DELORME vous accueille dans son cabinet situé à proximité de la gare pour y proposer: - Accompagnement psychologique et psychothérapie ( enfants -a dolescents - adultes...




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Colleges and Universities (1)

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Finance and Insurance

Financial Services (3)

Government and Non-profit

Education (1) ~ Scientific (1)

Handmade, Home-Made

Health and Care

Clinics and Hospitals (4) ~ Fitness and Coaching (1) ~ Medical Devices and Accessories (1) ~ Spiritual Enlightment (1) ~ Veterinary (2)


Human and Society

Industrial Goods and Services

Electrical Equipment and Cables (1)


Mass Media

Personal and Customized

Professional Services

Accounting (3) ~ Business Management and Consulting (3) ~ Computer Repairs and Servicing (3) ~ Maintenance and Improvement (3) ~ Repairing (2) ~ Video and Photography (3) ~ Web Design and Software Development (3)

Real Estate

Property Management (2) ~ Real Estate Agents (4) ~ Rent and Leasing (3)

Science and Technology

Institutes, Laboratories (1)

Sports and Recreation

Sports (3)


Cellular (1) ~ Computer Consulting and Repairs (3) ~ Computer Software (3) ~ IT Hardware (1)


Transport and Storage

Auto (3)


Accommodation (3) ~ Transportation (3) ~ Travel Agents (3)

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