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Last updated: 22 Sep 2021

Spain Business Directory - List of Companies

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Spain is a European country located on the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by Andorra, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, and Morocco.

Area: 505,990 km².

Population: 46.94 million (2019)

Ethnic composition of the population: The population of Spain is mainly represented by four ethnic groups: Castilians (Spaniards), Basques, Catalans and Galicians. The majority of the population is Spanish, their number is just over 70 percent. Just over 15 percent are Catalans.

Official language or main state language: Spanish, or Castilian, as it is called, to distinguish it from other languages ​​of Spain. In addition to Spanish, there are 4 other official languages ​​in Spain - Catalan, Galician, Basque and Aran. It would seem that there are already enough languages ​​for such a not-so-large country, but there are also languages ​​that are considered semi-official: Aragonese, Asturioleonic, Extremo and Cantabrian.

Features: the country has access to the sea.

Capital: Madrid 3,266,126 people. (2019)

Five largest cities in Spain (2019)

  1. Barcelona 1,636,762 people
  2. Valencia 794 288
  3. Seville 688 592
  4. Zaragoza 968 049
  5. Malaga 569 005
Economy. GDP volume: 1394 billion USD (2019). GDP annual growth rate: 21.5% (Q2/20), GDP per capita: USD 33,350 (2019), PPP per capita GDP: USD 40,883 (2019). Annual inflation rate: 0.5% (Aug 2020). Salary: 1804 EUR/month | 2101 USD/month (Q2/20). Unemployment rate: 15.33% (Q2/20) Corruption rank - 30.

According to the World Bank's "Doing Business" rating, Spain is ranked 30th out of 190 countries. Currency: Euro.

The main sectors of the economy are metallurgy, food industry, automotive industry, textile industry, chemical industry, mining, tourism, and textiles.

About 2.5% of the total population of the country is employed in the agriculture. The main types of products grown: grapes for wine, citrus fruits, olives (for conservation and production of olive oil). About 20% of the total sown area is wheat, the remaining 60% is grown for vegetables. The rest of the land is occupied by rice, almonds and tobacco. The country also has a huge fishing fleet, which is considered the largest in Europe. Spain holds a leading position in the top ten states for the extraction and processing of seafood and fish.

Exports: 312 billion USD (2020). Export structure:
  • 16% (54 billion USD) - Ground transportation vehicles, excluding railway or tram rolling stock.
  • 7.18% (24 billion USD) - boilers, equipment and mechanical devices; their parts
  • 6.03% (20 billion USD) - Mineral fuels, oil and products of their distillation
  • 5.31% (17.9 billion USD) - Electrical machinery and equipment, their parts;
  • 3.78% (12.7 billion USD) - Pharmaceutical products
  • 3.62% (12.2 billion USD) - Plastics and articles thereof
  • 2.93% (9.91 billion USD) - Edible fruits and nuts; peel of citrus fruits or melons
  • 2.54% (8.56 billion USD) - Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, not knitted or crocheted
  • 2.37% (8 billion USD) - Meat and edible meat offal
Aggregate imports to Spain amounted to 375 billion USD in 2019. The decrease in the supply of goods to Spain in value terms amounted to 0.186% compared to 2018: imports of goods decreased by 699 million USD (in 2018, goods in the amount of 376 USD billion were imported to Spain).

Top 5 Companies in Spain

  1. Abertis Infraestructura
  2. Acciona
  3. Bernardo Hernández, or BEHER
  4. CEPSA
  5. Construcciones Metálicas COMANSA S.A.

5 largest banks in Spain (total assets, billion euros)

  1. Banco Santander 1 444
  2. BBVA 0.690
  3. Caixabank 0.383
  4. Banco Sabadell 0.221
  5. Bankia 0.213
  6. Bankinter 0.071

Company Listing / Business Directory in Spain

University of Granada
Granada, Испания
Founded 1531 by Papal Bull of Clement VII, Carlos V having previously created the Colegio de Lógica, Filosofía e Teología e Canones in 1526. Operating under the jurisdiction of the...
University of Salamanca
Salamanca, Испания
Founded 1218. A Public Institution under the jurisdiction of the Castile and Leon Regional Government.


Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Agrobiology, Air Transport, Anatomy, Anthropology, Applied Physics, Architecture, Archiving, Art History, Arts and...
University of Málaga
Málaga, Испания
Founded 1972, a State institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Science.


Accountancy, Advertising and Publicity, Analytical Chemistry, Anatomy, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Architecture, Art History, Arts and...
The Spanish Estate Agent
Av. España, 250, 29680 Estepona Málaga, Spain
The Spanish Estate Agent is here to help you make your choice out of all the fabulous villas and apartments for sale on the Costa del Sol. We offer an...






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