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Last updated: 22 Jun 2024

Italy Business Directory & List of Companies

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Italy is a Mediterranean state in Southern Europe, bordered by San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland, Vatican City, Austria, France.

Total Area: 301,338 km²

Population - 60,048,347 people. Ethnic composition: the overwhelming majority of the population of Italy (more than 90%) - is represented by native Italians. The rest are French, Germans, Arabs, Albanians and other nationalities who are united in diaspora.

The official language is Italian.

Features: the country has access to the sea.

Capital city: Rome - 2,879,728 (2019)
Italy on Map
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Five largest cities in Italy

  1. Milan 1,245,956 people
  2. Naples 960,521
  3. Turin 872,158
  4. Palermo 655,604
  5. Genoa 583,089
Economy. GDP volume: 2001 billion USD (2019). GDP annual growth rate: 17.7% (Q2 / 20), GDP per capita: 35,614 USD (2019), GDP per capita in PPP: 42,413 USD (2019).

Annual inflation rate: 0.5% (Aug 2020), salary 2 502 EUR/month | 2917 USD/month (2019), unemployment rate: 9.7% (Jul. 2020). Corruption rank: 51.

According to the World Bank's "Doing Business" rating, Italy is ranked 58th out of 190 countries. Currency - Euro.

The main sectors of the economy: mechanical engineering, chemical, automotive, aviation, electronics, food.

Export 42.177 billion EUR | 49.173 billion USD (Jul. 2020)

Export structure
  • 18.8% (100 billion USD) - boilers, equipment and mechanical devices; their parts
  • 7.77% (41 billion USD) - Ground transport vehicles, other than railway or tram rolling stock, and their parts and accessories
  • 6.29% (33 billion USD) - Pharmaceutical products
  • 5.88% (31 billion USD) - Electrical machinery and equipment, their parts; sound recording and reproducing equipment
  • 3.99% (21 billion USD) - Plastics and articles thereof
  • 3.45% (18.4 billion USD) - Articles of iron or steel
  • 2.89% (15.4 billion USD) - Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals
  • 2.88% (15.3 billion USD) - Mineral fuels, oil and products of their distillation;
  • 2.58% (13.7 billion USD) - Furniture; bedding, mattresses, mattress bases, lamps and lighting equipment
  • 2.58% (13.7 billion USD) - Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, not knitted or crocheted
Total imports to Italy totaled 473 billion USD in 2019. The decrease in the supply of goods to Italy in value terms was 5.96% compared to 2018: imports of goods decreased by 30 billion USD (in 2018, goods worth 503 billion USD were imported to the country).

5 largest companies in Italy (revenue, USD billion)

  1. ENI 90.800
  2. Enel 89.306
  3. Assicurazioni Generali 88.157
  4. Intesa Sanpaolo 39.051
  5. Poste Italiane 35.071

6 largest banks in Italy

  1. UniCredit
  2. Intesa Sanpaolo
  3. Bank of Italy
  4. Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
  5. BancoPosta division of Poste italiane
  6. Istituto per il Credito Sportivo

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