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Art and Craft of Uzbekistan

13 Nov 2021

Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia, located along the ancient Silk Road leading from China to Europe. It has been a busy crossroads for caravans carrying goods from east to west, and exchanging knowledge and technologies among countries and nations. As such, Uzbekistan was for centuries absorbing different cultures, traditions and ideas.

One of the attractive parts of any travel to Uzbekistan is seeing its deeply rooted tradition of arts and handcrafts. Unlike other Central Asian nomadic people, Uzbeks were an agricultural nation, and they preserved ancient traditions in many fields of handcraft, like making ceramics, rugs, knives, metal dishes, wooden doors, hand-made paper, and so on.

Uzbek Girl in Traditional Clothes
Uzbek Girl in Traditional Clothes

Below you can find a brief outline of what can be seen during a tour of Uzbekistan if your interest lies in old artisanship, manual techniques and skills, handcrafts and art.

Ganch (Carved Plaster)

See an article about Uzbek Ganch - plaster decorations used for walls, ceilings or gratings.


Home interiors and exteriors are usually lavishly decorated with ornaments and paintings in Uzbekistan


Carved wood products are extremely popular in the country and include dishes, boxes, window frames and doors.

Carved and Painted Dish
Carved and Painted Dish

Papier-mache and Laquered Miniature

It is an old tradition to make accessories from papier-mache and paint them with laquered miniatures

Laquered Souvenir Boxes
Laquered Souvenir Boxes


Any civilization starts from making ceramic dishes. Uzbek ceramic is known across the world.

Glazed Tea Cups
Glazed Tea Cups

Toys and small ceramics

The tradition to make toys for kids from burned clay is accounting for thousands of years in the region of Central Asia.

Ceramic Toys
Ceramic Toys

Metal Chasing

Knives, tea-pots, dishes and other products made of skillfully chased and carved copper and bronze.

Chased and Painted Plate
Chased and Painted Plate


Making Uzbek knives is an art that connects daily needs of peaceful citizens with the nomadic art of war.

Handmade Uzbek Knives
Handmade Uzbek Knives


Made of copper, silver, gold and precious stones, Uzbek traditional jewelry is a very special field of art.

Traditional Uzbek Jewelry
Traditional Uzbek Jewelry


Central Asian silk fabrics had been known across Eurasia for centuries. Till now, the old techniques are preserved and used in making khan-atlas fabrics, manually and in factories.

Block-printed Wall Suzannis
Block-printed Wall Suzannis


Uzbeks like beautifully decorated garments. Embroidered in painted threads, silver or gold threads, the pieces of clothing are turned into pieces of art.

Uzbek Dancer in Embroidered Garments
Uzbek Dancer in Embroidered Garments

Skull Caps Duppi

Every Uzbek man or woman must have one or several such skull caps for every occasion in life. They are rich in purpose, models and decoration techniques.

Post Image #9644

Rugs, Carpets and Carpetmaking

The tradition of making rugs in Uzbekistan is old. It is closely connected with neighbor countries like Turkmenistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkey.

Samples of Rugs
Samples of Rugs

Leather Products

Uzbek leather artisans produce magnificent pieces of art such as purses, leather boxes, etc.

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09 Nov 2021
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