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Last updated: 01 Jul 2024

Iran Business Directory & List of Companies

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1. Brief Overview of Iran

Iran, located in the Middle East, is a vast country covering a total area of approximately 1,648,195 square kilometers. It is home to a diverse population of over 83 million people.

Iran on Map
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2. Provinces in Iran

  • Tehran Province: Population - 13 million, Provincial Capital - Tehran
  • Isfahan Province: Population - 5.1 million, Provincial Capital - Isfahan
  • Fars Province: Population - 4.9 million, Provincial Capital - Shiraz
  • Khorasan Razavi Province: Population - 6.4 million, Provincial Capital - Mashhad
  • Khuzestan Province: Population - 4.7 million, Provincial Capital - Ahvaz

3. Five Top Cities in Iran

  • Tehran: Population - 13 million
  • Mashhad: Population - 3.4 million
  • Isfahan: Population - 1.7 million
  • Karaj: Population - 1.6 million
  • Shiraz: Population - 1.5 million

4. Economy of Iran

Iran's economy is robust and diversified. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Iran is approximately 1.1 trillion USD, with a steady GDP growth rate of 3.8%. The GDP per capita stands at around 13,000 USD. Iran actively participates in international trade, with exports totaling 40 billion USD and imports amounting to 54 billion USD.

5. Ten Top Companies in Iran

Iran is home to several prominent companies, including:

  • National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) - NIOC is one of the largest oil and natural gas producers in the world, playing a pivotal role in Iran's economy. It operates numerous oil and gas fields, refineries, and petrochemical plants.
  • Pars Oil Company - Pars Oil Company is a major subsidiary of NIOC, specializing in the exploration, production, and export of crude oil and natural gas.
  • Melli Bank - Melli Bank is one of Iran's largest and oldest banks, providing a wide range of financial services to individuals and businesses.
  • Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) - IDRO is a state-owned organization that plays a key role in Iran's industrial development. It oversees various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, and petrochemicals.
  • SAIPA Group - SAIPA is a prominent automotive manufacturer in Iran, producing a range of vehicles and collaborating with international automakers.
  • Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) - IRIB is Iran's state-owned broadcasting corporation, responsible for television, radio, and online media services.
  • Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) - TSE is Iran's primary stock exchange, facilitating trading of stocks, bonds, and other securities.
  • Pardis Technology Park - Pardis Technology Park is a hub for technology and innovation in Iran, fostering the growth of startups and technology-based companies.
  • Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarters - This conglomerate is affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and is involved in various construction and engineering projects in Iran and abroad.
  • Petrochemical Commercial Company (PCC) - PCC is a major player in Iran's petrochemical industry, engaged in the production and export of petrochemical products.

6. Ten Top Banks in Iran

Iran's banking sector is crucial for its economic stability, featuring institutions like:

  • Bank Melli Iran - Bank Melli is one of the oldest and largest banks in Iran, offering a wide range of financial services to individuals and businesses.
  • Bank Tejarat - Bank Tejarat is a leading Iranian bank known for its national and international banking services, including trade finance and foreign exchange.
  • Bank Maskan - Bank Maskan specializes in housing and construction financing, providing loans and services related to real estate and housing projects.
  • Bank Melli Iran - Bank Melli is one of the oldest and largest banks in Iran, offering a wide range of financial services to individuals and businesses.
  • EN Bank (Eghtesad Novin Bank) - EN Bank is a private Iranian bank with a focus on commercial and retail banking, including corporate services and electronic banking.
  • Parsian Bank - Parsian Bank is a major private bank in Iran, providing various banking and financial services to clients.
  • Tosan (Sina) Bank - Tosan Bank, also known as Sina Bank, offers retail and corporate banking services, including loans, deposits, and electronic banking solutions.
  • Bank Sepah - Bank Sepah is a state-owned bank in Iran, offering traditional banking services and international operations.
  • Bank Keshavarzi (Agricultural Bank of Iran) - Bank Keshavarzi specializes in agricultural and rural banking services, supporting the agricultural sector in Iran.
  • Bank Mellat - Bank Mellat is one of the largest private banks in Iran, providing a wide range of financial services to individual and corporate clients.

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