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Last updated: 13 Jun 2024

Azerbaijan Business Directory & List of Companies

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Azerbaijan is a state in Asia, bordering with Russian Federation, Armenia, Georgia, Iran and Turkey.

Territory: 86,600 sq. km.
Population: 9.981 million (2019). It is the 88th in the world in terms of population and 112th in terms of territory. The ethnic composition of the population of Azerbaijan:
  • Azerbaijanis: 75.4% (3481889 people)
  • Armenians: 17.2% (795,312)
  • Georgians: 0.6% (26585)
  • representatives of other nationalities - 6.7% (310885)

The official (state) language is Azerbaijani.

Features - the country has access to the Caspian Sea.

Capital - Baku, 2.236 million (2016) Five largest cities: Ganja - 320,700 (2012), Sumgait -284,600 (2012), Mingechaur-98,800 (2012), Khirdalan - 93,600 (2012), Shirvan - 87,330 (2020).


Azerbaijan's GDP is 48.05 billion USD (2019), GDP per capita - 5880 USD (2019). Annual inflation rate: 2.9% as of July 2020. GNI per capita based on PPP is 18,616 USD per person in 2019 Unemployment rate: 4.8%

In the World Bank's Doing Business-2019 rating, Azerbaijan entered the top ten reformers, being 25th among 190 states.

Currency: Azerbaijani manat. Average salary totals 720 AZN/month | 423.529 USD/month.

The main industries are oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals (such as sulfuric acid and caustic soda), and oil refining.

Other industries are dominated by synthetic and natural textiles, food processing (butter, cheese, canning, winemaking), silk, leather, furniture and wool cleaning. Agriculture is not the strongest branch of the Azerbaijani economy.

Export of Azerbaijan

Exports from Azerbaijan in 2019 are represented by the following main commodity groups: 90% (17.8 billion USD): Mineral fuels, oil and products of their distillation, bituminous substances, mineral waxes 1.84% (362 million USD): Edible fruits and nuts, peels of citrus fruits or melons

Import of Azerbaijan

  • 15.4% (2.11 billion USD): Gold
  • 4% (546 million USD) - Cars and other motor vehicles designed primarily for the transport of people, including vans and racing cars.

Five largest companies in Azerbaijan

  • Socar Polymer LLC, representative office of Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited in the Republic of Azerbaijan - SOCAR's net profit reached 651 million manats in 2019.
  • MKT Istehsalat Kommersiya LLC
  • Land Logistic LLC
  • Natural Fruit LLC
  • P-Agro LLC
  • Baku Steel Company LLC
  • Fresh Fruits Group LLC
  • Mingachevir Textile LLC

Five largest banks in Azerbaijan

  • International Bank of Azerbaijan with assets amounting to 8 320 300 000 manats (2018)
  • PASHA Bank, assets 4 332 million manats (2018)
  • Kapital Bank, assets 3 457.5 million manats (2018)
  • Xalq Bank, assets 1 941 million manats (2018)
  • Azerbaijan Industrial Bank ASBank with assets 1 7.2 million manats (2018)

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