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Last updated: 18 Sep 2021

Armenia Business Directory - List of Companies

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Armenia is a state in Asia, bordered by Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Turkey.

Total area: 29,743 km².

Population: 2.957 million (2020).

National composition of Armenia: Armenians (96%) and other nationalities (Azerbaijanis, Yezidi Kurds, Greeks, Russians, Assyrians).

The state language in Armenia is Armenian, which is spoken by 97.7% of the country's inhabitants. In addition, Yazidi, which is spoken by Yazidis (1%), and Russian (0.9%) are widespread.

On January 22nd, 2002 Armenia ratified the European Charter for Regional Languages. According to it, the languages ​​of minorities in Armenia are Yezidi, Russian, Greek and Assyrian.

In Armenia, the Russian language does not have an official status, but it is widespread, and is spoken by about 70% of the country's population. The Russian language is a compulsory subject for study in Armenian schools.

Features: a landlocked country.

Capital: Yerevan (1,093,485 people). Five largest cities - Gyumri: 116,000, Vanadzor - 90,000, Vagharshapat: 50,000, Abovyan: 46,000, Kapan: 43,000.

Economy. The GDP size: 13.67 billion USD (2019), GDP annual growth rate: 13.7%, GDP per capita: 4732 USD. The annual inflation rate is 1.5%.

GNI per capita based on PPP in Armenia is 13,180 USD.

According to the World Bank's "Doing Business" rating, Armenia is ranked 47th among 190 countries of the world. National currency: Armenian dram. The average monthly salary was 190,468 drams in 2020.

The structure of the country's GDP is briefly as follows:
  • Agriculture - 31.1%
  • Industry - 21.8%
  • Trade - 8.7%
  • Construction - 8.5%
  • Transport - 5.1%
  • Others - 24.9%
Exports comprised 225 million USD (2020). The Armenian exports are represented by 10 main product groups - food, animal husbandry and agriculture.

Imports - Armenia is importing gas, oil, food in the amount of USD 378 million per year (2020)

5 largest companies in Armenia

  1. Foreign company - "HSBC Bank Armenia"
  2. Foreign company "Ameriabank"
  3. "Unibank"
  4. "ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank"
  5. Telecommunication company "K-Telecom"

Company Listing / Business Directory in Armenia

Acba bank OJSC
82-84 Aram Street 0002 Yerevan, Armenia
One of the leading commercial banks in Armenia. We provide financial and non-financial services: loans, deposits, credit cards, American Express cards, digital banking, trainings for SMEs etc.
Yerevan State University
Yerevan, Armenia
Founded 1919.


Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Arabic, Archaeology, Armenian, Art Criticism, Art History, Astrophysics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Banking, Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Biology, Biophysics,...
64 Arami, suite134 Yerevan, Armenia
Established in 2011 in Yerevan, Estate.am is the leading Real Estate and Rental Marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers throughout Armenia and overseas with data and knowledge around Armenian real estate...
Travel Armenia
1 Paronyan St Yerevan, Armenia
Explore Armenia with Travel Armenia! Choose a tour and we will organize your stay in Armenia in the best way!






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Energy Use

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Banks (1) ~ Financial Services (1) ~ Investments (1)

Government and Non-profit

Education (3) ~ Scientific (3)

Handmade, Home-Made

Health and Care

Clinics and Hospitals (1)


Human and Society

Industrial Goods and Services

Jewelry (2)


Mass Media

Personal and Customized

Accessories (1)

Professional Services

Legal Consulting (1) ~ Marketing (1) ~ Seminars and Trainings (1)

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents (1)

Science and Technology

Institutes, Laboratories (3)

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