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Last updated: 09 May 2024

Israel Business Directory & List of Companies

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1. Brief Overview of Israel

Israel, a nation in the Middle East, is known for its historical significance and modern innovation. It has a total area of approximately 20,770 square kilometers and a population of around 9.3 million people.

Israel on Map
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2. Provinces in Israel

  • Jerusalem District: Population - 1.25 million, Provincial Capital - Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv District: Population - 1.4 million, Provincial Capital - Tel Aviv
  • Haifa District: Population - 1.3 million, Provincial Capital - Haifa
  • Central District: Population - 2.3 million, Provincial Capital - Ramla
  • Southern District: Population - 1.5 million, Provincial Capital - Beersheba

3. Five Top Cities in Israel

  • Jerusalem: Population - 901,300
  • Tel Aviv: Population - 451,523
  • Haifa: Population - 284,336
  • Rishon LeZion: Population - 247,323
  • Petah Tikva: Population - 248,364

4. Economy of Israel

Israel's economy is characterized by innovation and high-tech industries. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Israel is approximately 400 billion USD, with a steady GDP growth rate of 3.3%. The GDP per capita stands at around 43,000 USD. Israel actively engages in international trade, with exports totaling 60 billion USD and imports amounting to 76 billion USD.

5. Ten Top Companies in Israel

  1. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  2. Intel Corporation
  3. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
  4. Palo Alto Networks, Inc.
  5. Bank Hapoalim B.M.
  6. Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M.
  7. Israel Discount Bank Ltd.
  8. Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd.
  9. Bezeq The Israeli Telecommunication Corp Ltd.
  10. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

6. Ten Top Banks in Israel

  1. Bank Hapoalim B.M.
  2. Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M.
  3. Israel Discount Bank Ltd.
  4. Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd.
  5. First International Bank of Israel Ltd.
  6. Union Bank of Israel Ltd.
  7. Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd.
  8. Israel Discount Bank Ltd.
  9. Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal Ltd.
  10. Poalim Bank

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