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Last updated: 24 Oct 2023

Syria Business Directory & List of Companies

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Syria - A Brief Overview

Syria, a country located in the Middle East, has a total area of approximately 185,180 square kilometers. As of the latest available data, it had a population of over 17 million people.

Provinces of Syria

  1. Al-Hasakah - Population: 1,564,000 - Provincial Capital: Al-Hasakah
  2. Aleppo - Population: 4,609,000 - Provincial Capital: Aleppo
  3. Deir ez-Zor - Population: 1,239,000 - Provincial Capital: Deir ez-Zor
  4. Idlib - Population: 1,464,000 - Provincial Capital: Idlib
  5. Latakia - Population: 1,009,000 - Provincial Capital: Latakia
Syria on Map
Syria on Map - see more from Google map

Five Top Cities in Syria

  1. Damascus - Population: 1,711,000
  2. Aleppo - Population: 1,602,000
  3. Homs - Population: 1,276,000
  4. Latakia - Population: 383,000
  5. Hama - Population: 312,000

Economy of Syria

In terms of the economy, Syria faced significant challenges due to internal conflicts. The exact figures may vary due to the ongoing situation, but the latest available data indicates that Syria's GDP was approximately 33.13 billion USD. The GDP growth rate was -8.2%, highlighting the economic challenges.

The GDP per capita was estimated at around 1,900 USD, reflecting the impact of the crisis on living standards. Syria's main sectors include agriculture, industry, and services.

The country also faces challenges such as a high unemployment rate, fluctuations in exports and imports, and a complex business environment. The ease of doing business index may vary due to the situation on the ground.

Syria's key sectors include agriculture, manufacturing, oil production, and services, with agriculture playing a vital role in the nation's economy.

Top Company Listings in Syria Business Directory

лого - Al-Sham Private University
Al-Sham Private University

Company Directory by Sector

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