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Last updated: 04 Apr 2024

Jordan Business Directory & List of Companies

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1. Brief Overview of Jordan

Jordan, situated in the Middle East, boasts a total land area of approximately 89,342 square kilometers and is inhabited by a population exceeding 10 million individuals.

Jordan on Map
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2. List of Provinces in Jordan

  • Amman Province - Population: 2,877,360 - Provincial Capital: Amman
  • Irbid Province - Population: 1,772,000 - Provincial Capital: Irbid
  • Zarqa Province - Population: 1,636,911 - Provincial Capital: Zarqa
  • Aqaba Province - Population: 184,587 - Provincial Capital: Aqaba
  • Mafraq Province - Population: 625,000 - Provincial Capital: Mafraq

3. Five Top Cities in Jordan

  1. Amman - Population: 2,877,360
  2. Irbid - Population: 1,772,000
  3. Zarqa - Population: 1,636,911
  4. Aqaba - Population: 184,587
  5. Mafraq - Population: 625,000

4. Economy of Jordan

Jordan's economy is characterized by a GDP of approximately 44 billion USD, a steady GDP growth rate of around 2.5%, and a GDP per capita of 4,300 USD. The country engages in international trade with exports totaling around 7.5 billion USD and imports reaching approximately 19 billion USD.

5. Ten Top Companies in Jordan

  1. Arab Bank Group
  2. Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company
  3. Jordan Phosphate Mines Company
  4. Hikma Pharmaceuticals
  5. Arab Potash Company
  6. Jordan Cement Factories Company
  7. Jordan Telecommunications Company (Orange Jordan)
  8. Aqaba Container Terminal
  9. Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited (Joramco)
  10. Al Rajhi Cement Jordan

6. Top Ten Largest Banks in Jordan

  1. Arab Bank PLC
  2. Jordan Islamic Bank
  3. Housing Bank for Trade and Finance
  4. Cairo Amman Bank
  5. Jordan Commercial Bank
  6. Bank of Jordan
  7. Jordan Kuwait Bank
  8. Arab Jordan Investment Bank
  9. Industrial Development Bank
  10. Capital Bank of Jordan

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