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Last updated: 15 Jul 2024

United Kingdom Business Directory & List of Companies

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Great Britain (officially the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is an island state in northwestern Europe, consisting of from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It borders with Ireland, Cyprus and Spain.

Total area: 242,495 km².

Population: 66 993 318 people. Ethnic composition: British (76%), Scots (5.8%), Irish (1.9%), Welsh (3.1%), Indians (2.3%), Pakistanis (1.8%), Poles (0.9%), Bangladeshis (0.7%), Chinese (0.5%), Arabs (0.4%), immigrants from the CIS countries (0.3%), Iranians (0.1%), others (6.1%).

The country has access to the sea.

Capital city: London (with suburbs - 8.308 million people)

Five largest cities in the UK

  1. Leeds - 551,000 people
  2. Sheffield - 367.94
  3. Birmingham - 267.8 people
  4. Manchester - 115.65 people
  5. Liverpool - 441 477 people
Economy. GDP volume: 2 827 billion USD (2019). GDP annual growth rate: 1.3% (Q2/19), GDP per capita: USD 43,688 (2019), GDP per capita PPP: USD 46,699 (2019) Annual Inflation rate 1.7% (Sep 2019), Salary: 542 GBP/week (Aug 2019), Unemployment Rate 3.9% (Aug 2019)

The real cost of living for a family is 1,300 GBP/month. | 1602 USD / month (2018)

According to the World Bank's "Doing Business" rating, the UK is ranked 8th out of 190 countries. Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP).

Main sectors of the economy: transport engineering; aerospace industry; food industry; general mechanical engineering; electronics and electrical engineering; chemical industry. Exports totaled 55.494 billion GBP (Aug 2019), including:
  • 15.6% (73 billion USD): Nuclear reactors, boilers, equipment and mechanical devices; their parts
  • 10.7% (50 billion USD): Land transport vehicles, other than railway or tram rolling stock, and their parts and accessories
  • 9.08% (42 billion USD): Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad with precious metals and articles thereof; bijouterie; coins
  • 8.73% (40 billion USD): Mineral fuels, oil and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral waxes
  • 5.86% (27 billion USD): Electrical machinery and equipment, their parts; sound recording and reproducing equipment, equipment for recording and reproducing television images and sound, their parts and accessories
  • 5.76% (27 billion USD): Pharmaceutical products
  • 4.32% (20 billion USD): Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, control, precision, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus
  • 3.93% (18.4 billion USD): Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof
  • 2.7% (12.6 billion USD): Organic chemicals
The aggregate UK imports totaled 692 billion USD in 2019. In value terms, the increase in the supply of goods to the UK compared to 2018 was 3.09%. Imports of goods increased by 20 billion USD (in 2018, goods in the amount of 671 USD billion were imported to the UK).

Imports included:
  • Gold (including gold plated with platinum), raw or semi-finished, or in powder form
  • Cars and other motor vehicles intended mainly for the transport of people
  • Crude oil and crude oil products
  • Turbojet and turboprop engines, other gas turbines
  • Transmitting equipment for broadcasting or television, tour; digital cameras and camcorders
  • Computing machines and their blocks; magnetic or optical readers, machines for transferring data to media in coded form and machines for processing such information, not elsewhere specified or included
  • Medicines

Top 5 UK Companies

  1. BP 303.738 billion USD
  2. HSBC Holdings 86.131 billion USD
  3. Tesco Cheshant 84.271 billion USD
  4. Unilever 60.167 billion USD
  5. Vodafone Group - 50.532 billion USD

Major UK banks

  1. HSBC
  2. Lloyds Bank
  3. RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland)
  4. Barclays
  5. Standard Chartered
  6. Tesco Bank

Featured Company Casa Keret

Casa Keret presents its products and services as an auto dealer and spare parts provider in United Kingdom.

Company Directory by Sector

AgricultureAnimal Husbandry (1)~Feed Manufacturing (2)~Fishing and Fish Farming (1)~Plant Growing (1)~Poultry (1)~Seeds (1)ArtArchitecture (1)~Crafts (1)~Design (1)~Music (8)~Performing Arts (8)~Visual Arts (4)Business ServicesAccounting (6)~Advertising and Marketing (15)~Business Process Management and Modeling (13)~Legal Advice (4)~Office Premises, Coworking Space, Lease (2)~Online Promotion (4)~Opening, Registration, Formation of Companies (4)~Recruitment, HR (2)CateringCafes (4)~Drinks (5)~Food (11)~Food Delivery (7)~Organic Food (4)~Restaurants (11)ConstructionArchitecture and Design (14)~Building Construction (18)~Construction of Infrastructure (4)~Costruction Materials (9)EducationApprenticeship (2)~Coaching (9)~Colleges and Universities (6)~Preschooling (4)~Private Lessons (14)~Professional (17)~Public Awareness (2)~Religious (2)~Schooling (4)~Spiritual Enlightment (1)Energy UseElectric Supply (2)~Gas and Steam (1)~Heating (22)~Renewable Energy (1)EntertainmentAdventure (6)~Camping, Trekking, Hunting, Fishing (3)~Cuisine, Cooking (1)~Dating (1)~Erotic (1)~Events and Activities (5)~Gambling, Betting and Lotteries (4)~Games, Indoor, Outdoor, Computer (1)~Gifts (2)~Museums (1)~Nature and Pets (2)~Nightlife, Clubs, Discos, Karaoke (2)~Outdoor (2)~Parties (3)~Playgrounds, Indoor, Outdoor (4)~Shopping (8)~Sportive Events (1)~TV and Cinema (2)~Toys (6)EnvironmentAir Conditioning, Cleaning (6)~Recycling (1)~Waste Disposal (2)~Water Management (1)EventsConferences, Summits, Assemblies (4)~Seminars, Workshops (1)FamilyChildren and Youth (2)~Festivities and Holidays (2)~Funerals (1)~Weddings (3)Finance and InsuranceBanks (2)~Blockchain and Crypto (4)~E-commerce (1)~Financial Services (48)~Insurance (1)~Investments (14)~Pension Funds (1)Government and Non-profitEducation (3)~Emergencies (1)~Environment (1)~Foundations, Charity (1)~Policy-Making, Think Tanks, Analytical (1)~Scientific (3)Handmade, Home-MadeClothing, Footwear, Skullcaps (4)~Decor, Furniture, Household (1)~Decoration and Toys (1)~Electrical and Electronic Devices (1)~Food and Drinks (2)~Tools and Accessories (1)Health and CareAlternative Medicine (6)~Beauty Shops and Parlors (5)~Body Practices (6)~Clinics and Hospitals (56)~Cosmetic (10)~Dental Clinics (16)~Drugs, Medicines and Substances (5)~Fitness and Coaching (5)~Fragrances and Perfumes (1)~Medical Devices and Accessories (4)~Medical Doctors and Practinioners (6)~Mental Health (2)~Nursing (1)~Nursing Homes, Seniors, Elderly, Assisted Living (3)~Nutrition (1)~Pest Control (3)~Pharmaceutical Industry (3)~Pharmacies (2)~Public Health (16)~Sanitation and Epidemic Control (1)~Sexual (2)~Spa and Wellness (4)~Veterinary (6)HomeArchitecture and Construction (3)~Domestic Services (16)~Furniture (11)~Gardening (7)~Home Appliances (12)~Home Improvement (50)~Home Supplies (5)~Home and Office Remodeling (1)~Interior Design (11)~Moving and Relocating (1)~Pets (5)Human and SocietyAstrology, Horoscopes (1)~Personal Growth (1)Industrial Goods and ServicesBeverages (1)~Chemicals (6)~Clothing and Footwear (5)~Electrical Equipment and Cables (13)~Electronic and Optical Products (7)~Fabricated Products and Components (8)~Food Products (2)~Fuels, consumable supplies (1)~Furniture (3)~Jewelry (7)~Leather and Leather Products (1)~Machinery and Equipment (14)~Measuring and Testing Devices (2)~Metallurgical Industry (8)~Other Finished Products (7)~Packaging Materials (4)~Paper Products (2)~Printing and Copying (5)~Repairs, Servicing and Installation (16)~Rubber and Plastic Products (2)~Textiles (1)~Tobacco, Cigarettes, Vapes (3)~Toys (1)~Trailers and Semi-trailers (2)~Transport Vehicles (2)~Winemaking, Brewing, Liquors, Alcohol Drinks (1)~Wood Products (1)MiningCoal, Oil, Gas (3)~Mineral Exploration (1)~Mining of Metal Ores (1)Mass MediaPublishing and Printing (1)~Social Media, Messengers (2)~TV, Radio, Online Media (2)Personal and CustomizedAccessories (6)~Garments (3)Professional ServicesAccounting (19)~Advertising (7)~Architectural and Engineering Design (6)~Audit (1)~Business Management and Consulting (39)~Computer Design and Graphics (3)~Computer Repairs and Servicing (3)~Cyber Security and Data Protection (2)~Digital Marketing, Promotion, SEO (24)~Employment and Recruitment (7)~Fashion and Design (5)~Internet Services (4)~Land and Home Design (2)~Legal Consulting (14)~Maintenance and Improvement (11)~Marketing (9)~Medical Consulting (2)~Nursing (1)~Personal Development (1)~Quality Management and Certification (1)~Repairing (14)~Research and Development (2)~Safety, Security, Surveillance, Monitoring (9)~Security and Investigation (4)~Seminars and Trainings (5)~Testing (3)~Tour Guides and Leaders (1)~Translation and Interpretation (1)~Tuning and Customization (2)~Tutoring (2)~Video and Photography (7)~Web Design and Software Development (52)~Web Hosting (6)~Writing, Blogging, Editing (3)Real EstateDevelopment (2)~Escrow Services (1)~Investment (4)~Legal (1)~Mortgages (1)~Property Management (11)~Real Estate Agents (14)~Rent and Leasing (4)Science and TechnologyArtificial Intelligence (1)~Infrastructure, Facitilites (1)~Institutes, Laboratories (5)Sports and RecreationAdventure (3)~Art (1)~Body Practices (2)~Fitness and Workout (3)~Nature (1)~Olympics, World Cups, Championships (1)~Spa and Wellness (1)~Sports (10)~Sports Events (4)TelecommunicationsCellular and Mobile (3)~Computer Consulting and Repairs (1)~Computer Software (15)~IT Hardware (3)~Internet (5)~Programming (7)~Publishing and Printing (1)~Videos, Radio and TV Broadcasts (1)TradeE-commerce (13)~International (1)~Retail Trade (13)~Wholesale Trade (6)Transport and StorageAuto (20)~Aviation (1)~Car Rental (8)~Customs Clearing (1)~Freight Forwarding (8)~Postal and Courier (7)~Space (1)~Urban Transport (3)~Warehousing (5)~Waterborne (1)TravelAccommodation (5)~Destinations and Attractions (8)~Food and Drink (4)~MICE (1)~Outdoors and Adventure (3)~Tour Guides (3)~Tour Operators (5)~Transportation (21)~Travel Agents (15)~Visas and Immigration (4)

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