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Last updated: 12 Jun 2024

Ireland Business Directory & List of Companies

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Brief Overview of Ireland

Ireland, known as the Republic of Ireland, is a sovereign nation situated on the island of Ireland in northwestern Europe. It covers an area of approximately 70,273 square kilometers. As of the latest available data, Ireland had a population of over 4.9 million people.

Provinces and Capitals

Ireland is divided into four provinces, each with its own distinct character. These provinces and their respective capitals are:

  • 1. Leinster - Capital: Dublin
  • 2. Munster - Capital: Cork
  • 3. Connacht - Capital: Galway
  • 4. Ulster - Capital: Belfast (Note: Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, shares the province of Ulster with Ireland)
Ireland on Map
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Top Cities and Population

Ireland boasts several vibrant cities. The top five cities by population are:

  • 1. Dublin - Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is the largest city with a population of over 1.2 million people.
  • 2. Cork - Cork is the second most populous city with a population of around 210,000 people.
  • 3. Limerick - Limerick is the third-largest city, home to more than 94,000 residents.
  • 4. Galway - Galway, known for its cultural heritage, has a population of approximately 79,500.
  • 5. Waterford - Waterford rounds out the top five cities with a population of about 54,000.

Economy of Ireland

Ireland has experienced significant economic growth in recent years. Its economy is characterized by a strong focus on technology, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Here are some key economic indicators:

  • GDP: Ireland's Gross Domestic Product was approximately 380 billion USD.
  • GDP Growth: The country had experienced steady economic growth with a growth rate of around 3%.
  • GDP Per Capita: Ireland's GDP per capita was approximately 77,000 USD, reflecting a high standard of living.
  • Exports and Imports: Ireland is known for its robust export-oriented economy. In recent years, it exported goods and services worth around 186 billion USD while importing approximately 106 billion USD.
  • Unemployment Rate: Ireland had an unemployment rate of about 5.2%, indicating a healthy labor market.
  • Ease of Doing Business: The World Bank ranked Ireland as one of the easiest places to do business, with a favorable regulatory environment.
  • Key Sectors: Ireland's key sectors include technology, pharmaceuticals, financial services, agri-food, and manufacturing.

This overview provides a snapshot of Ireland's geography, provinces, top cities, and its robust and growing economy. The country's strategic location in Europe, favorable business environment, and skilled workforce continue to attract investment and drive its economic success.

Ten Top Companies in Ireland

  • Apple Inc. - Apple is a technology giant known for its innovative products and services. With a capital of over 2 trillion USD, it is one of the world's most valuable companies.
  • CRH plc - CRH is a leading global building materials company with a capital of around 36 billion USD.
  • Medtronic - Medtronic is a major player in the medical technology sector with a capital of approximately 161 billion USD.
  • Johnson & Johnson - Johnson & Johnson is a multinational healthcare company with a capital of over 440 billion USD.
  • Pfizer - Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company known for its contributions to healthcare and has a capital of about 219 billion USD.
  • DCC - DCC is a diversified international sales, marketing, and support services group with a capital of around 8 billion USD.
  • Smurfit Kappa Group - Smurfit Kappa is a leading provider of paper-based packaging solutions with a capital of approximately 9 billion USD.
  • Kerry Group - Kerry Group is a global leader in taste and nutrition with a capital of about 24 billion USD.
  • Ryanair Holdings - Ryanair is one of Europe's largest low-cost airlines with a capital of over 21 billion USD.
  • Glenveagh Properties - Glenveagh is a real estate development company with a capital of around 1 billion USD.

Ten Top Banks in Ireland

  • Allied Irish Banks - AIB is one of the largest banks in Ireland, providing a wide range of financial services with substantial capital.
  • Bank of Ireland - Bank of Ireland offers various banking and financial solutions to its customers and has a significant capital base.
  • Ulster Bank - Ulster Bank is a leading Irish bank with substantial capital, serving individuals and businesses across the country.
  • KBC Bank Ireland - KBC Bank is a well-established bank in Ireland, providing banking services and products with a strong financial base.
  • Permanent TSB - Permanent TSB is a prominent Irish bank offering banking and financial solutions with a significant capital structure.
  • Danske Bank - Danske Bank operates in Ireland, delivering a range of banking services and maintaining a substantial capital presence.
  • Deutsche Bank Ireland - Deutsche Bank Ireland is part of the global Deutsche Bank group, contributing to Ireland's financial sector.
  • Citi Ireland - Citi Ireland is a part of the Citigroup and plays a significant role in Ireland's financial landscape.
  • Credit Suisse Ireland - Credit Suisse Ireland is a branch of Credit Suisse Group, contributing to Ireland's financial and banking services.
  • Scotiabank Ireland - Scotiabank Ireland is a part of the Scotiabank Group and is actively involved in Ireland's financial sector.

Company Directory by Sector

AgricultureArtArchitecture (1)~Design (1)~Visual Arts (1)Business ServicesRecruitment, HR (1)CateringCafes (3)~Drinks (4)~Food (6)~Food Delivery (4)~Restaurants (3)ConstructionArchitecture and Design (2)~Building Construction (4)~Construction of Infrastructure (1)~Costruction Materials (1)EducationCoaching (1)~Colleges and Universities (16)~Private Lessons (1)~Professional (1)Energy UseElectric Supply (2)~Gas and Steam (1)~Heating (2)EntertainmentGifts (2)~Parties (1)~TV and Cinema (1)~Toys (3)EnvironmentAir Conditioning, Cleaning (1)EventsFamilyFunerals (1)Finance and InsuranceBlockchain and Crypto (1)~E-commerce (1)~Financial Services (6)~Insurance (3)~Investments (2)~Pension Funds (1)Government and Non-profitEducation (16)~Scientific (16)Handmade, Home-MadeDecor, Furniture, Household (1)~Electrical and Electronic Devices (1)Health and CareBeauty Shops and Parlors (2)~Clinics and Hospitals (5)~Cosmetic (1)~Drugs, Medicines and Substances (1)~Fitness and Coaching (2)~Medical Devices and Accessories (2)~Medical Doctors and Practinioners (1)~Pharmaceutical Industry (1)~Pharmacies (1)~Spa and Wellness (1)~Spiritual Enlightment (1)~Veterinary (3)HomeArchitecture and Construction (1)~Domestic Services (1)~Furniture (1)~Gardening (3)~Home Appliances (3)~Home Improvement (5)~Home Supplies (3)~Pets (1)Human and SocietyIndustrial Goods and ServicesClothing and Footwear (1)~Computers and Mobiles (2)~Electronic and Optical Products (3)~Food Products (1)~Other Finished Products (1)~Printing and Copying (2)~Repairs, Servicing and Installation (2)MiningMass MediaPersonal and CustomizedAccessories (2)~Equipment (1)Professional ServicesAccounting (3)~Advertising (2)~Artisans, Handcraft (1)~Business Management and Consulting (6)~Computer Repairs and Servicing (3)~Cyber Security and Data Protection (1)~Digital Marketing, Promotion, SEO (3)~Employment and Recruitment (2)~Legal Consulting (4)~Marketing (1)~Quality Management and Certification (1)~Repairing (4)~Safety, Security, Surveillance, Monitoring (2)~Security and Investigation (1)~Video and Photography (3)~Web Design and Software Development (6)~Web Hosting (1)Real EstateMortgages (2)~Property Management (1)~Real Estate Agents (7)~Rent and Leasing (2)Science and TechnologyInstitutes, Laboratories (16)Sports and RecreationAdventure (1)~Fitness and Workout (2)~Spa and Wellness (1)~Sports (3)TelecommunicationsCellular and Mobile (1)~Computer Software (6)~Internet (1)TradeE-commerce (2)~Retail Trade (1)~Wholesale Trade (3)Transport and StorageAuto (3)~Postal and Courier (1)~Urban Transport (1)TravelAccommodation (3)~Destinations and Attractions (1)~Outdoors and Adventure (1)~Tour Operators (1)~Transportation (2)

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