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Last updated: 03 Jul 2024

Cyprus Business Directory & List of Companies

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Brief Overview of Cyprus

Cyprus, a Mediterranean island nation, boasts a total area of approximately 9,251 square kilometers and a population of over 1.2 million people.

Provinces in Cyprus

Cyprus is divided into six administrative regions, each known as a district. These districts and their respective provincial capitals include:
  • Nicosia District with Nicosia as the capital.
  • Limassol District with Limassol as the capital.
  • Larnaca District with Larnaca as the capital.
  • Paphos District with Paphos as the capital.
  • Famagusta District with Paralimni as the capital.
  • Kyrenia District with Kyrenia as the capital (administered by Northern Cyprus).
Cyprus on Map
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Five Top Cities in Cyprus

The five most populous cities in Cyprus are:
  • Nicosia with a population of approximately 200,452.
  • Limassol with a population of around 154,000.
  • Larnaca with a population of about 51,468.
  • Paphos with a population of roughly 36,000.
  • Famagusta with a population of approximately 41,000 (administered by Northern Cyprus).

Economy of Cyprus

Cyprus boasts a diverse and thriving economy. In recent years, its economic indicators include a GDP of around 24.36 billion USD, a positive GDP growth rate, a GDP per capita of approximately 25,500 USD, and notable volumes of exports and imports. The country's unemployment rate, ease of doing business, and key economic sectors contribute to its robust economic landscape. For the most up-to-date and comprehensive economic data, please refer to official sources and recent economic reports.

Ten Top Companies in Cyprus

  1. Hellenic Bank - Hellenic Bank is a prominent Cypriot financial institution known for its banking services and financial solutions.
  2. Eurobank Cyprus - Eurobank Cyprus is a major banking group in Cyprus, offering a wide range of banking and financial services.
  3. PricewaterhouseCoopers Cyprus - PwC Cyprus is a leading professional services firm, providing various professional and advisory services.
  4. Henry Schein - Henry Schein is a global provider of healthcare products and services, including dental and medical supplies.
  5. Aphrodite Hills Resort - Aphrodite Hills Resort is a luxury resort in Cyprus, offering golf, real estate, and leisure facilities.
  6. Amedia Computers - Amedia Computers is a technology company specializing in IT solutions and services.
  7. Cyta - Cyta is the leading provider of telecommunications and internet services in Cyprus.
  8. Tetra Pak - Tetra Pak is a global leader in food processing and packaging solutions, including carton packaging for various products.
  9. KPMG Cyprus - KPMG Cyprus is a well-known professional services firm offering audit, tax, and advisory services.
  10. Bank of Cyprus - Bank of Cyprus is one of the largest and oldest banking institutions in Cyprus, providing comprehensive banking services.

Ten Top Banks in Cyprus

  1. Bank of Cyprus - Bank of Cyprus is a major banking institution, offering a wide range of banking and financial services.
  2. Hellenic Bank - Hellenic Bank is a prominent Cypriot financial institution known for its banking services and financial solutions.
  3. RCB Bank - RCB Bank is a commercial bank in Cyprus offering various banking products and services.
  4. Eurobank Cyprus - Eurobank Cyprus is a major banking group in Cyprus, providing a wide range of financial services.
  5. Habib Bank AG Zurich - Habib Bank AG Zurich operates in Cyprus, offering banking and financial solutions.
  6. Alpha Bank Cyprus - Alpha Bank Cyprus is a part of the Alpha Bank Group, providing banking services to individuals and businesses.
  7. Union Bank of Cyprus - Union Bank of Cyprus is a prominent banking institution, offering a range of financial products and services.
  8. Cooperative Central Bank - Cooperative Central Bank is a

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