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Last updated: 28 Sep 2023

Mozambique Business Directory & List of Companies

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Capital City and 5 Largest Cities in Mozambique

    Maputo is the capital and largest city of Mozambique. It is located in the southern part of the country, near the border with South Africa. Maputo is the economic, political, and cultural center of Mozambique and serves as a major port city along the Indian Ocean.
  • Matola is located just southwest of Maputo and is part of the Greater Maputo metropolitan area. It is one of Mozambique's largest cities and is known for its industrial and commercial activities.
  • Beira is Mozambique's second-largest city and is situated on the country's central coast, along the Mozambique Channel. It is a major port city and a key transportation hub for goods entering and leaving the country.
  • Nampula is the third-largest city in Mozambique and is located in the northern part of the country. It is known for its cultural diversity and serves as an important economic and educational center.
  • Chimoio is a city in central Mozambique and is one of the country's larger urban centers. It is known for its agricultural activities, particularly the production of fruits and vegetables.
  • Nacala is a coastal city in northern Mozambique and is known for its deep-water port, which is one of the largest and busiest in the country. It plays a crucial role in trade and transportation.
Mozambique on Map
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Mozambique Economy in Figures

  1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): In 2020, Mozambique's GDP was approximately 15.9 billion USD.
  2. GDP per Capita: Mozambique had a GDP per capita of around 555 USD in 2020, indicating that it is one of the lower-income countries in the world.

    Economic Sectors

  3. Agriculture: Agriculture is a significant sector in Mozambique, employing a large portion of the population. Key agricultural products include cashews, maize, rice, and sugarcane.
  4. Mining and Natural Resources: Mozambique is rich in natural resources, including coal, natural gas, and minerals. The discovery of large natural gas reserves offshore has attracted significant foreign investment.
  5. Industry: Industry includes manufacturing, construction, and energy production. The country has seen growth in sectors such as construction and manufacturing.
  6. Services: The services sector encompasses a range of activities, including trade, tourism, and financial services.
  7. Foreign Investment: Mozambique has attracted foreign investment, particularly in the energy sector. Large-scale projects related to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and infrastructure development have been significant drivers of foreign investment.
  8. Infrastructure Development: Mozambique has invested in improving its infrastructure, including transportation networks (roads, ports, airports), energy production, and telecommunications, to support economic growth and development.
  9. Tourism: Mozambique is known for its stunning coastline along the Indian Ocean and has been developing its tourism industry. The country offers opportunities for beach tourism, wildlife safaris, and cultural experiences.
  10. Challenges: Mozambique faces challenges, including poverty, income inequality, and vulnerability to natural disasters. Political stability and governance issues have also posed challenges to economic development.
  11. Currency: The currency of Mozambique is the Mozambican Metical (MZN).
  12. Debt: Mozambique has faced debt-related challenges, and its government has been working on debt restructuring efforts to manage its financial obligations.

Ten Top Companies in Mozambique

  1. EDM - Electricidade de Moçambique: EDM is the state-owned electricity company responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity in Mozambique.
  2. Vale Mozambique is a subsidiary of the Brazilian mining company Vale and is involved in coal mining operations in the Tete province, contributing significantly to Mozambique's mining sector.
  3. Sasol Petroleum Temane is a subsidiary of Sasol, a South African energy and chemical company. It is involved in natural gas exploration and production in Mozambique.
  4. ENH - Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos: ENH is Mozambique's national hydrocarbon company, engaged in the development and management of the country's oil and gas resources. Standard Bank Mozambique:
  5. Standard Bank Mozambique is a prominent financial institution offering a range of banking and financial services to individuals and businesses in Mozambique.
  6. Millennium bim, also known as Banco Internacional de Moçambique, is one of the largest banks in Mozambique, providing retail and corporate banking services.
  7. CMC - Companhia Moçambicana de Cereais: CMC is a major player in the agribusiness sector, specializing in the import and distribution of grains and agricultural products.
  8. Telecomunicações de Moçambique (TDM): TDM is a state-owned telecommunications company providing fixed-line and internet services in Mozambique.
  9. Mcel - Moçambique Telecomunicações: Mcel is one of Mozambique's leading mobile telecommunications providers, offering mobile voice and data services.
  10. Mozambique Ports and Railways (CFM - Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique): CFM is responsible for the operation and management of the country's railway and port infrastructure, facilitating trade and transportation.

Ten Top Banks in Mozambique

  1. Millennium bim, also known as Banco Internacional de Moçambique, is one of the largest and most prominent banks in Mozambique. It provides a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals and businesses.
  2. Standard Bank Mozambique is part of the Standard Bank Group, one of Africa's largest banking groups. It offers retail and corporate banking services in Mozambique. Barclays Bank Mozambique:
  3. Barclays Bank Mozambique, a subsidiary of Absa Group Limited, provides banking services, including retail and corporate banking, to customers in Mozambique.
  4. Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI): BCI is a significant Mozambican bank offering a range of banking products and services, including retail and corporate banking.
  5. Banco Nacional de Investimento (BNI): BNI is a Mozambican development bank that focuses on financing projects and investments that contribute to the country's economic development.
  6. Banco Único is a Mozambican bank offering banking and financial services to individuals and businesses, including savings, loans, and investment products.
  7. Ecobank Mozambique is part of the Ecobank Group, a pan-African banking conglomerate. It provides banking services across Mozambique.
  8. Banco Moza is a Mozambican bank offering various financial services, including retail banking and corporate banking solutions.
  9. Banco Oportunidade de Moçambique (BOM): BOM is a Mozambican bank focused on providing financial services to individuals and small businesses, with an emphasis on microfinance.
  10. United Bank for Africa (UBA) Mozambique: UBA Mozambique is part of the United Bank for Africa Group, offering a wide range of banking services, including retail and corporate banking.

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