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Last updated: 21 Feb 2024

Malawi Business Directory & List of Companies

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Capital City and 5 Largest Cities in Malawi

  • Capital City

    Lilongwe serves as the capital city of Malawi and is one of the country's major economic and administrative centers.
    Views of Lilongwe
    Views of Lilongwe
  • Five Largest Cities

  • Blantyre is the largest city in Malawi and a significant economic hub. It is known for its commercial and industrial activities and is home to various businesses and industries.
  • Lilongwe While Lilongwe is the capital, it is also one of the largest cities in the country, with a growing economy driven by government activities and international organizations.
  • Mzuzu is the third-largest city and serves as the capital of the northern region of Malawi. It is known for its trade and agriculture-related activities.
  • Zomba another important city, is known for its historical significance as the former capital of Malawi. It has a diverse economy, including agriculture and education.
  • Kasungu is a city in central Malawi with an economy primarily driven by agriculture, including tobacco farming.
Malawi on Map
Malawi on Map - see more from Google map

Malawi Economy in Figures

  1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Malawi's GDP has been steadily growing over the years, although it remains one of the least developed countries in the world. In 2020, the nominal GDP was estimated at approximately 7.46 billion USD.
  2. GDP Growth Rate: The GDP growth rate in Malawi has shown fluctuations but has generally been positive. In recent years, it has been around 3-5%.
  3. Inflation Rate: The inflation rate in Malawi has varied, but it tends to be in the single digits. In 2020, it was approximately 7.5%.

    Main Industries

  4. Agriculture is the dominant sector in Malawi, contributing significantly to employment and GDP. Key agricultural products include tobacco, tea, sugar, maize, and coffee. The manufacturing sector is growing, with activities related to food processing, textiles, and consumer goods.
  5. Services, including financial services, trade, and tourism, are becoming increasingly important contributors to the economy.
  6. Employment: The majority of the population in Malawi is engaged in agriculture, either as subsistence farmers or in small-scale farming activities.
  7. Trade: Malawi's major trading partners include South Africa, Zambia, the United States, and the European Union. Key exports include tobacco, tea, sugar, and various agricultural products.
  8. Challenges: Malawi faces several economic challenges, including poverty, food security issues, and a reliance on rain-fed agriculture, which makes the economy vulnerable to climate fluctuations. Access to education and healthcare remains limited for many Malawians. Infrastructure development and access to electricity are areas that require significant improvement.
  9. Government Initiatives: The government has been implementing economic reforms to attract investment, improve the business environment, and diversify the economy. Programs aimed at improving agricultural productivity and food security are also in place.

Ten Top Companies in Malawi

  1. Illovo Sugar Malawi Limited: One of the leading sugar producers in the country, Illovo Sugar Malawi is engaged in sugar cane farming, processing, and marketing.
  2. Press Corporation Limited: A diversified conglomerate with interests in banking, financial services, agribusiness, and telecommunications.
  3. FDH Bank: One of the prominent banks in Malawi, FDH Bank offers a range of financial services to individuals and businesses.
  4. Standard Bank Malawi: A subsidiary of Standard Bank Group, it provides banking and financial services, including personal and business banking.
  5. TNM (Telekom Networks Malawi): TNM is a major telecommunications company in Malawi, offering mobile and data services.
  6. Airtel Malawi: Airtel is another prominent telecom operator providing mobile and data services in Malawi.
  7. NICO Holdings Limited: A financial services group with interests in insurance, asset management, and other related services.
  8. Peermont Global (Sunbird Hotels): Peermont Global operates Sunbird Hotels, a chain of hotels and resorts in Malawi, providing hospitality and tourism services.
  9. National Bank of Malawi: A long-established bank in Malawi offering various banking and financial services.
  10. Malswitch: Malswitch is an interbank network in Malawi that facilitates electronic banking transactions and ATM services.

Ten Top Banks in Malawi

  1. National Bank of Malawi: One of the oldest and largest commercial banks in Malawi, offering a wide range of banking and financial services.
  2. Standard Bank Malawi: A subsidiary of Standard Bank Group, providing banking and financial services to individuals and businesses in Malawi.
  3. First Capital Bank (formerly Barclays Bank of Malawi): A well-established bank with a long history in Malawi, offering various financial services.
  4. FDH Bank: A prominent bank in Malawi offering banking and financial services, including personal and business banking.
  5. NBS Bank: NBS Bank provides banking solutions and financial services to customers in Malawi.
  6. New Finance Bank: New Finance Bank is a commercial bank in Malawi with a focus on providing financial services to businesses and individuals.
  7. MyBucks Banking Corporation: MyBucks is a bank in Malawi offering innovative financial solutions and services.
  8. National Investment Trust Limited (NITL): NITL is an investment and asset management company in Malawi.
  9. Ecobank Malawi: A subsidiary of Ecobank Group, Ecobank Malawi offers banking and financial services across the country.
  10. NICO Bank: NICO Bank is part of the NICO Group and provides banking and financial services to its customers.

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