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Last updated: 17 Jun 2024

Malaysia Business Directory & List of Companies

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Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia, occupying part of the Malacca Peninsula and the island of Kalimantan, bordered in the north by Thailand, in the south by Brunei, and Indonesia.
Malaysia on Map
Malaysia on Map - see more from Google map
Area: 329,847 km².

Population: 31.53 million (2018). Ethnic composition: Malays make up 65.1%, 26.0% are Chinese, 7.7% Indians, and 2.2% are others (including the Iban and Qadazan tribes Dusun, who make up more than half of the population of the Sarawak and Sabah states).

Features: the country has access to the sea.

Capital city: Kuala Lumpur. The population of Kuala Lumpur is over 1,800,000 inhabitants, with the suburbs it exceeds 6.5 million people.

Five largest cities in Malaysia

  1. Ipoh
  2. Johor Bahru
  3. Klang
  4. Georgetown
  5. Petaling
Economy. GDP volume: 365 billion USD (2019). GDP annual growth rate: 17.1% (Q2 / 20), GDP per capita: 12,478 USD (2019), GDP per capita in PPP: 22,034 USD (2019).

Annual inflation rate 1.4% (Aug 2020). Salary: 3 087 MYR/month | 741 USD/month (2018). Unemployment rate: 4.7% (Jul 2020) Corruption rank is 51.

According to the World Bank's "Doing Business" rating, Malaysia is ranked 12th among 190 countries. The currency is the Malaysian ringgit.

Main sectors of the economy: electrical and electronic industry. The electrical and electronics sector is one of the leading industries in Malaysia. It accounted for 32.8% of the total export volume, at the same time it provides employment for 27.2% of the working-age population.

Automotive industry
In total, Malaysia has 27 car factories and 640 factories for the production of automotive components and parts. In Southeast Asia, the industry is third largest, while globally it ranks 23rd.

Agriculture is currently a minor sector of Malaysia's economy, accounting for 7.1% of Malaysia's GDP in 2014 and employing 11.1% of Malaysia's workforce, as opposed to 1960s when agriculture accounted for 37% of Malaysia's GDP and employed 66.2% of the workforce.

Exports 79.143 billion MYR | 19 billion USD (Aug 2020)

Export structure:
  • 34% (81 billion USD) - Electrical machinery and equipment, their parts; sound recording and reproducing equipment, equipment for recording and reproducing television images and sound, their parts and accessories
  • 14.4% (34 billion USD) - Mineral fuels, oil and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral waxes
  • 9.21% (21 billion USD) - boilers, equipment and mechanical devices; their parts
  • 4.81% (11.4 billion USD) - Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their cleavage products; prepared edible fats; animal or vegetable waxes
  • 4.27% (10.1 billion USD) - Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, control, precision, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus; parts and accessories
  • 4.03% (9.59 billion USD) - Plastics and articles thereof
  • 2.98% (7.1 billion USD) - Rubber, rubber and articles thereof
  • 1.84% (4.38 billion USD) - Ferrous metals
  • 1.73% (4.13 billion USD) - Other chemical products
  • 1.68% (4.01 billion USD) - Organic chemicals
Total imports to Malaysia totaled 204 billion USD in 2019. The decrease in the supply of goods and services to Malaysia in value terms was 5.72% compared to 2018: imports of goods/services decreased by 12.4 billion USD. In 2018, goods and services in the amount of 217 billion USD were imported to the country.

Company Directory by Sector

AgricultureFeed Manufacturing (1)ArtVisual Arts (1)Business ServicesAccounting (1)~Advertising and Marketing (4)~Office Management and Administration (1)CateringFood (1)~Restaurants (1)ConstructionArchitecture and Design (1)~Building Construction (2)~Construction of Infrastructure (2)~Costruction Materials (4)EducationColleges and Universities (10)~Professional (1)~Schooling (1)~Spiritual Enlightment (1)Energy UseAir Conditioning (1)~Electric Supply (2)~Heating (1)~Renewable Energy (1)EntertainmentAdventure (1)~Dating (1)~Erotic (1)~Gambling, Betting and Lotteries (3)~Internet (1)~Nightlife, Clubs, Discos, Karaoke (1)~TV and Cinema (1)EnvironmentEventsConferences, Summits, Assemblies (1)FamilyFinance and InsuranceBlockchain and Crypto (1)~Financial Services (4)~Insurance (1)~Investments (2)Government and Non-profitArmy (1)~Education (10)~Scientific (10)Handmade, Home-MadeHealth and CareAlternative Medicine (1)~Beauty Shops and Parlors (1)~Clinics and Hospitals (7)~Dental Clinics (1)~Drugs, Medicines and Substances (1)~Fitness and Coaching (2)~Medical Devices and Accessories (2)~Medical Doctors and Practinioners (1)~Mental Health (1)~Nursing (1)~Nutrition (2)~Pharmaceutical Industry (2)~Public Health (3)~Sexual (1)~Spa and Wellness (1)HomeArchitecture and Construction (1)~Domestic Services (2)~Furniture (1)~Gardening (1)~Home Appliances (1)~Home Improvement (9)~Home and Office Remodeling (2)~Interior Design (3)~Moving and Relocating (1)~Pets (1)Human and SocietyIndustrial Goods and ServicesClothing and Footwear (1)~Electrical Equipment and Cables (2)~Fuels, consumable supplies (1)~Jewelry (2)~Machinery and Equipment (2)~Measuring and Testing Devices (1)~Other Finished Products (1)~Packaging Materials (1)~Printing and Copying (1)~Repairs, Servicing and Installation (1)~Rubber and Plastic Products (1)MiningMass MediaPersonal and CustomizedAccessories (1)~Weaponry (1)Professional ServicesAccounting (1)~Advertising (4)~Artisans, Handcraft (1)~Business Management and Consulting (6)~Computer Design and Graphics (1)~Digital Marketing, Promotion, SEO (5)~Employment and Recruitment (4)~Internet Services (1)~Legal Consulting (1)~Maintenance and Improvement (1)~Marketing (5)~Medical Consulting (1)~Quality Management and Certification (1)~Web Design and Software Development (8)Real EstateDevelopment (1)~Investment (2)~Legal (1)~Property Management (2)~Real Estate Agents (4)~Rent and Leasing (1)Science and TechnologyInfrastructure, Facitilites (1)~Institutes, Laboratories (10)Sports and RecreationFitness and Workout (1)~Sports (1)TelecommunicationsComputer Consulting and Repairs (1)~Computer Software (2)~Internet (1)TradeE-commerce (3)~Retail Trade (1)~Wholesale Trade (1)Transport and StorageAuto (1)~Freight Forwarding (4)~Warehousing (2)TravelAccommodation (1)~Outdoors and Adventure (1)~Tour Guides (2)~Tour Operators (1)~Transportation (1)~Travel Agents (3)~Visas and Immigration (1)

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