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Science and Education Union
Timiryazev Str 9A Minsk, Belarus
The city branch of the Belarus Trade Union of Science and Education puts together interests of thousands of people who are employed in scientific and educational institutions of Belarus and...
Belarusian State University
220030, Minsk, 4, Nezavisimosti avenue Minsk, Belarus
Established in 1921 by the Soviet Belorus Republic, the University is the oldest educational institutions of the country. The university includes 16 faculties, several departments and institutes.
Mozyrsky Machinery Plant
Portovaya Str. 17 Mozyr, Belarus
The Mozyr Machinery Plant is a part of the Minsk Tractor Plant, and one of the largest producers of agricultural machines in the country.
Belarusian National Technical University
Minsk, Belarus
Founded 1920 as Belarusian State Polytechnical Institute. In 1991 renamed Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy. Acquired present status and title 2002.


Administration, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Control Engineering, Automotive Engineering,...
Белорусский шинный комбинат Белшина
ш. Минское, 4, , г. Бобруйск, Могилёвская обл., Республика Беларусь г. Бобруйск, Belarus
ОАО «Белшина» — производитель автомобильных шин. Выпускает более 300 типоразмеров шин для легковых, грузовых, большегрузных автомобилей, строительно-дорожных и подъёмно-транспортных машин, электротранспорта, автобусов, тракторов и сельскохозяйственных машин.
Last updated: 03.06.2020

Business companies in Belarus


Plant Collection (1)



Drinks (1) ~ Food (1)


Costruction Materials (2)


Colleges and Universities (4) ~ Professional (1)

Energy Use


Internet (1) ~ TV and Cinema (1)



Finance and Insurance

Banks (1) ~ Insurance (1) ~ Pension Funds (1) ~ Reinsurance (1)

Government and Non-profit

Education (3) ~ NGO (1) ~ Scientific (3) ~ Trade Unions (1)

Health and Care


Home Appliances (1)

Industrial Goods and Services

Chemicals (2) ~ Electrical Equipment and Cables (2) ~ Electronic and Optical Products (1) ~ Fabricated Products and Components (2) ~ Food Products (1) ~ Furniture (1) ~ Machinery and Equipment (3) ~ Trailers and Semi-trailers (1) ~ Transport Vehicles (3)


Professional Services

Maintenance and Improvement (1)

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents (1)

Science and Technology

Institutes, Laboratories (3)

Sports and Recreation


Computer Consulting and Repairs (1) ~ Internet (1) ~ Videos, Radio and TV Broadcasts (1)


Transport and Storage

Aviation (1)


Tour Operators (1) ~ Travel Agents (1)

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