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Last updated: 16 Apr 2024

Belarus Business Directory & List of Companies

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Belarus: An Overview

Belarus is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe. It has a total area of approximately 207,600 square kilometers and a population of over 9.4 million people.

Belarus on Map
Belarus on Map - see more from Google map

Provinces of Belarus

Belarus is divided into six provinces, each with its own provincial capital:

  • Brest Province - Population: 1.4 million - Provincial Capital: Brest
  • Vitebsk Province - Population: 1.2 million - Provincial Capital: Vitebsk
  • Gomel Province - Population: 1.4 million - Provincial Capital: Gomel
  • Grodno Province - Population: 1.1 million - Provincial Capital: Grodno
  • Minsk Province - Population: 1.4 million - Provincial Capital: Minsk (Note: Minsk is also the national capital)
  • Mogilev Province - Population: 1.0 million - Provincial Capital: Mogilev

Top Five Cities in Belarus

Belarus has several cities, with the following five being the most populous:

  • Minsk - Population: Over 1.9 million
  • Gomel - Population: Approximately 535,000
  • Vitebsk - Population: Around 366,000
  • Mogilev - Population: Over 360,000
  • Brest - Population: Approximately 343,000

Economy of Belarus

Belarus has a mixed economy with a focus on manufacturing and agriculture. Here are key economic figures:

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Approximately 60 billion USD
  • GDP Growth Rate: Around 2.4%
  • GDP per Capita: Approximately 6,300 USD
  • Exports: About 32 billion USD
  • Imports: Approximately 34 billion USD
  • Unemployment Rate: Approximately 4.8%
  • Ease of Doing Business: Belarus ranks 49th globally in the ease of doing business.

The key sectors of the Belarusian economy include manufacturing, agriculture, energy production, and services. Manufacturing, particularly machinery and equipment production, plays a crucial role in the country's economic landscape.

Belarus continues to work on further economic reforms to enhance its business environment and attract foreign investment.

List of Top Ten Companies in Belarus

  • BelAZ - A leading manufacturer of large dump trucks and earthmoving equipment.
  • MAZ (Minsk Automobile Plant) - Produces a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses.
  • MTZ (Minsk Tractor Works) - One of the world's largest producers of agricultural machinery, particularly tractors.
  • Gomselmash - Specializes in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery, including combine harvesters and forage harvesters.
  • Wargaming - Known for its popular online game "World of Tanks" and other gaming titles.
  • EPAM Systems - A global IT services company offering software engineering, product development, and consulting services.
  • Velcom - A major telecommunications company providing mobile and data services.
  • Rozetka - A retail and e-commerce company offering a wide range of products, including electronics and household goods.
  • Priorbank - One of the largest commercial banks in Belarus, providing banking and financial services.
  • Synesis - An IT company specializing in software development, including AI and machine learning applications.

List of Top Banks in Belarus

  • Belarusbank - One of the largest commercial banks in Belarus, with a capital of 4.5 billion USD.
  • Priorbank - Known for its extensive branch network, with a capital of 3.8 billion USD.
  • BPS-Sberbank - Offers a wide range of financial services, with a capital of 3.2 billion USD.
  • Belgazprombank - A major player in mortgage lending, with a capital of 4.0 billion USD.
  • Alfa-Bank Belarus - With a focus on digital banking, with a capital of 2.5 billion USD.
  • Belagroprombank - Known for its corporate banking services, with a capital of 4.2 billion USD.
  • BPS-Bank - A key player in international trade finance, with a capital of 3.6 billion USD.
  • Belinvestbank - Offers comprehensive retail banking solutions, with a capital of 2.9 billion USD.
  • Tekhnobank - A leader in private banking, with a capital of 4.8 billion USD.
  • VTB Bank (Belarus) - Specializes in asset management, with a capital of 3.5 billion USD.

Top Company Listings in Belarus Business Directory

Logo - СТО Мегасервис
СТО Мегасервис
Logo - СТО Мегасервис
СТО Мегасервис
Logo - ВестДжиГрупп
Logo - Science and Education Union
Science and Education Union
Logo - Belarusian State University
Belarusian State University
Logo - Tourist Agency Prime Tour
Tourist Agency Prime Tour
Logo - Mozyrsky Machinery Plant
Mozyrsky Machinery Plant
Logo - Belarusian National Technical University
Belarusian National Technical University
Logo - Kinogo
Logo - Andersen Lab
Andersen Lab
Logo - Минский завод колёсных тягачей
Минский завод колёсных тягачей
Logo - «Пивоваренная компания Аливария»
«Пивоваренная компания Аливария»
Logo - Ремонтно-механический завод Метромаш
Ремонтно-механический завод Метромаш
Logo - Оршанский авиаремонтный завод
Оршанский авиаремонтный завод
Logo - Витебский кондитерский комбинат Витьба
Витебский кондитерский комбинат Витьба
Logo - Ай Пи Тел Ком
Ай Пи Тел Ком
Logo - "Беларуськалий"
Logo - Минский автомобильный завод
Минский автомобильный завод
Logo - Закрытое акционерное общество «Атлант»
Закрытое акционерное общество «Атлант»
Logo -  Могилевский завод Электродвигатель
Могилевский завод Электродвигатель
Logo - Смолевичский завод ЖБИ
Смолевичский завод ЖБИ
Logo - Belagroservice
Logo - Жабинковский сахарный завод
Жабинковский сахарный завод
Logo - Бобруйск мебель
Бобруйск мебель
Logo - Пеленг АО
Пеленг АО
Logo - HOUS.BY
Logo - ОАО «Беларускабель»
ОАО «Беларускабель»
Транспортная компания Носим Бай
Logo - International University "MITSO"
International University "MITSO"
Logo - Стеклозавод  Неман
Стеклозавод Неман
Best ISO certification in Belarus | Veave
Logo - Life Insurance
Life Insurance
Logo - Сервисный центр РунКомп
Сервисный центр РунКомп
Logo - Минский высший радиотехнический колледж
Минский высший радиотехнический колледж
Logo - Белорусский шинный комбинат Белшина
Белорусский шинный комбинат Белшина
Logo - Завод Визас
Завод Визас
Logo - «АСБ Беларусбанк»
«АСБ Беларусбанк»
Logo - Интернет-магазин освещения Magic Lamp studios
Интернет-магазин освещения Magic Lamp studios
Logo - Зоомагазин Гарфилд
Зоомагазин Гарфилд
Logo - Vernye Avto
Vernye Avto
Logo - Teplodvor
Logo - Эдем - цветочный магазин
Эдем - цветочный магазин
Logo - Light-Sandbox
Logo - Алесса
Logo - Avtopom

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