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Last updated: 21 May 2024

Lithuania Business Directory & List of Companies

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Brief Overview of Lithuania

Lithuania is a European country located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It covers a total area of approximately 65,300 square kilometers and is home to a population of over 2.7 million people.

List of Provinces in Lithuania

  • Vilnius - The capital and largest city of Lithuania with a population of around 545,000.
  • Kaunas - The second-largest city in Lithuania and its population is approximately 290,000.
  • Klaipėda - A port city with a population of about 149,000.
  • Šiauliai - The fourth-largest city with a population of around 100,000.
  • Panevėžys - Another important city in Lithuania, with a population of approximately 86,000.
Lithuania on Map
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Five Top Cities of Lithuania

  • Vilnius - Population: 545,000
  • Kaunas - Population: 290,000
  • Klaipėda - Population: 149,000
  • Šiauliai - Population: 100,000
  • Panevėžys - Population: 86,000

Economy of Lithuania

Lithuania has a diverse and growing economy. Here are some key economic figures:

  • GDP: Lithuania's GDP is approximately 58 billion USD.
  • GDP Growth: The country has experienced steady economic growth, with a growth rate of around 3% in recent years.
  • GDP per Capita: The GDP per capita in Lithuania is about 21,000 USD.
  • Exports/Imports: Lithuania exports goods and services worth approximately 33 billion USD and imports about 35 billion USD.
  • Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate in Lithuania is around 7%.
  • Ease of Doing Business: Lithuania ranks favorably in terms of ease of doing business, with a ranking of X in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index.

Key Sectors of the Economy

Lithuania's economy is characterized by several key sectors:

  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector, including electronics, machinery, and food processing, is a major contributor to the country's economy.
  • Services: The services sector, including finance, IT, and logistics, is a growing and important part of Lithuania's economy.
  • Agriculture: Agriculture, particularly dairy and crop production, plays a significant role in the country's economy.

Company Directory by Sector

AgricultureArtBusiness ServicesCateringConstructionEducationColleges and Universities (3)Energy UseEntertainmentNature and Pets (1)EnvironmentWaste Disposal (1)EventsFamilyFinance and InsuranceBlockchain and Crypto (1)~Financial Services (2)~Investments (1)Government and Non-profitEducation (3)~Scientific (3)Handmade, Home-MadeHealth and CareCosmetic (2)~Fragrances and Perfumes (1)HomeHuman and SocietyIndustrial Goods and ServicesComputers and Mobiles (1)~Electrical Equipment and Cables (1)~Electronic and Optical Products (1)~Fabricated Products and Components (1)~Machinery and Equipment (2)~Other Finished Products (1)MiningMass MediaPersonal and CustomizedEquipment (1)Professional ServicesDigital Marketing, Promotion, SEO (1)Real EstateInvestment (1)~Real Estate Agents (1)Science and TechnologyInfrastructure, Facitilites (1)~Institutes, Laboratories (3)Sports and RecreationTelecommunicationsComputer Software (1)TradeE-commerce (2)~International (1)~Wholesale Trade (1)Transport and StorageAuto (1)~Location and Tracking (2)Travel

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