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Last updated: 13 Jun 2024

Bulgaria Business Directory & List of Companies

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Bulgaria: A Country Overview

Bulgaria, located in Southeastern Europe, boasts a total area of approximately 110,994 square kilometers and is home to a population of over 7 million people.

Provinces in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is divided into multiple provinces, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are the provinces, their respective provincial capitals, and population:

  • Sofia (Capital City) - Population: Over 1.3 million - Provincial Capital: Sofia
  • Plovdiv - Population: Approximately 675,000 - Provincial Capital: Plovdiv
  • Varna - Population: Around 474,000 - Provincial Capital: Varna
  • Burgas - Population: Over 406,000 - Provincial Capital: Burgas
  • Ruse - Population: Approximately 230,000 - Provincial Capital: Ruse

Top Five Cities in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's urban landscape includes several vibrant cities. Here are the top five cities by population:

  • Sofia - Population: Over 1.3 million
  • Plovdiv - Population: Approximately 675,000
  • Varna - Population: Around 474,000
  • Burgas - Population: Over 406,000
  • Ruse - Population: Approximately 230,000

The Bulgarian economy encompasses sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, services, and tourism, contributing to its ongoing growth and development.

Bulgaria on Map
Bulgaria on Map - see more from Google map

Bulgaria Key Business Indicators

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Bulgaria's GDP in 2021 was approximately .67 billion USD.

GDP Growth Rate

Bulgaria's GDP growth rate in 2021 was around 3.3%.

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate in Bulgaria in 2021 was approximately 5.3%.

Inflation Rate

Bulgaria's inflation rate in 2021 was around 1.4%.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Bulgaria attracted FDI worth approximately .37 billion USD in 2021.

Ease of Doing Business Ranking

According to the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index for 2021, Bulgaria was ranked 61st out of 190 countries, indicating a relatively favorable business environment. Corruption Perceptions Index: In Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index for 2020, Bulgaria scored 43 out of 100, suggesting moderate levels of perceived corruption.

Trade Balance

Bulgaria had a trade surplus of approximately .7 billion USD in 2021, indicating a positive trade balance.

Business Confidence Index

The business confidence index can vary over time and typically relies on surveys of business leaders and sentiment. Specific figures for 2021 may not be available in this format, and you would need to refer to economic reports or surveys conducted by relevant organizations.

Five largest companies in Bulgaria

  • Lukoil Neftochim Burgas AD: Lukoil Neftochim Burgas is a subsidiary of Lukoil, a Russian multinational energy corporation. It operates a large oil refinery in Burgas, Bulgaria, and is a significant player in the country's energy sector.
  • Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH): Bulgarian Energy Holding is a state-owned company that manages various energy assets in Bulgaria, including electricity generation, distribution, and transmission. It plays a crucial role in Bulgaria's energy sector.
  • Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant: The Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant is the largest nuclear power facility in Bulgaria, located in Kozloduy. It contributes significantly to the country's electricity production.
  • Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC): BTC, also known as Vivacom, is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Bulgaria. It offers a wide range of services, including mobile and fixed-line telephony, internet, and television.
  • Telenor Bulgaria (now A1 Bulgaria): Telenor Bulgaria was one of the major telecommunications providers in Bulgaria until it was acquired by PPF Group and rebranded as A1 Bulgaria. It offers telecommunications services to both residential and business customers.

Five largest banks in Bulgaria

  1. UniCredit Bulbank: UniCredit Bulbank is one of the largest banks in Bulgaria and is part of the UniCredit Group, a leading European financial institution. It offers a wide range of banking and financial services to individual and corporate customers.
  2. DSK Bank (D Commerce Bank): DSK Bank is a prominent Bulgarian bank and a subsidiary of OTP Bank Group, a major banking group in Central and Eastern Europe. It provides various banking products and services, including retail and corporate banking.
  3. First Investment Bank (Fibank): First Investment Bank, also known as Fibank, is one of the leading banks in Bulgaria. It serves both retail and corporate customers, offering a variety of financial services and products.
  4. United Bulgarian Bank (UBB): United Bulgarian Bank is part of the KBC Group, a Belgian banking and insurance conglomerate. UBB is a significant player in the Bulgarian banking sector, providing retail and corporate banking services.
  5. Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria): Raiffeisenbank is the Bulgarian subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International, a prominent Austrian banking group. It offers a range of financial services to individuals and businesses in Bulgaria.

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