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Last updated: 15 May 2024

Macedonia Business Directory & List of Companies

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Brief Overview of Macedonia

  • Total Area: 25,713 square kilometers
  • Population: Approximately 2.08 million people
  • List of Provinces in Macedonia

  • Skopje
    • Population: Around 600,000
    • Provincial Capital: Skopje
  • Vardar
    • Population: About 500,000
    • Provincial Capital: Veles
  • Eastern
    • Population: Around 400,000
    • Provincial Capital: Stip
  • Northeastern
    • Population: Approximately 350,000
    • Provincial Capital: Kumanovo
  • Pelagonia
    • Population: About 250,000
    • Provincial Capital: Bitola
  • Top Five Cities in Macedonia

  • Skopje - Population: Approximately 600,000
  • Kumanovo - Population: Around 150,000
  • Bitola - Population: Approximately 100,000
  • Prilep - Population: About 70,000
  • Tetovo - Population: Around 50,000
  • Economy of Macedonia

  • GDP: .8 billion USD
  • GDP Growth: 3.2%
  • GDP per Capita: ,165 USD
  • Exports: .5 billion USD
  • Imports: .2 billion USD
  • Unemployment Rate: 17%
  • Ease of Doing Business: Ranked 17th in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index
  • Key Sectors: Manufacturing, Agriculture, Information Technology, Tourism
  • Ten Top Companies in Macedonia

  • Makpetrol AD Skopje - Leading petroleum company in Macedonia. Capital: 2.3 billion USD. Official Website
  • Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje - Telecommunications giant providing various services. Capital: 1.8 billion USD. Official Website
  • Makstil AD Skopje - Steel manufacturing company with a strong market presence. Capital: 1.5 billion USD. Official Website
  • Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje - A prominent bank offering financial services. Capital: 1.2 billion USD. Official Website
  • Tutunski Kombinat AD Prilep - Major tobacco company known for its quality products. Capital: 1.1 billion USD. Official Website
  • Alkaloid AD Skopje - Leading pharmaceutical company producing various medicines and healthcare products. Capital: 950 million USD. Official Website
  • ELEM AD Skopje - Electric power generation company contributing significantly to the country's energy sector. Capital: 900 million USD. Official Website
  • Eurostandard Banka AD Skopje - Financial institution providing banking and financial services. Capital: 800 million USD. Official Website
  • Vardar Osiguruvanje AD Skopje - Insurance company offering a wide range of insurance services. Capital: 720 million USD. Official Website
  • Koncar AD Skopje - Company engaged in various industries including construction and manufacturing. Capital: 700 million USD. Official Website
  • Ten Top Banks in Macedonia

  • Stopanska Banka AD Bitola - One of the largest banks providing financial services in the country. Capital: 1.8 billion USD. Official Website
  • Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje - Mentioned previously as a top company, this bank is a key player in the financial sector. Capital: 1.2 billion USD. Official Website
  • Ohridska Banka AD Skopje - Well-established bank offering a wide range of financial products. Capital: 950 million USD. Official Website
  • Eurostandard Banka AD Skopje - Also mentioned in the top companies list, this bank is a significant financial institution. Capital: 800 million USD. Official Website
  • Tutunska Banka AD Skopje - Banking institution providing a variety of financial services. Capital: 780 million USD. Official Website
  • Sparkasse Banka Makedonija AD Skopje - Offering a range of banking services in the country. Capital: 700 million USD. Official Website
  • ProCredit Bank Skopje - Specializing in banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Capital: 650 million USD. Official Website
  • Kreditna Banka Skopje - Providing banking and financial solutions to its customers. Capital: 600 million USD. Official Website
  • NLB Banka Skopje - A part of an international banking group offering various financial services. Capital: 580 million USD. Official Website
  • Halk Banka Skopje - Providing banking services to individuals and businesses. Capital: 550 million USD. Official Website
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