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Last updated: 03 Jun 2024

Romania Business Directory & List of Companies

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Romania Key Business Indicators

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Romania's GDP in 2021 was approximately .4 billion USD.

GDP Growth Rate

The GDP growth rate for Romania in 2021 was around 7.1%, reflecting a strong rebound from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate in Romania in 2021 was approximately 5.5%.

Inflation Rate

Romania's inflation rate in 2021 was around 3.1%.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Romania attracted FDI worth approximately .5 billion USD in 2021.

Ease of Doing Business Ranking

Romania's ranking in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index for 2021 was 55th out of 190 countries, indicating a relatively favorable business environment.

Corruption Perceptions Index

In Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index for 2020 (as data for 2021 might not have been available at the time of my last update), Romania scored 44 out of 100, suggesting moderate levels of perceived corruption.

Trade Balance

Romania had a trade deficit of approximately .3 billion USD in 2021, indicating a negative trade balance.

Five largest companies in Romania

  • OMV Petrom: OMV Petrom is the largest oil and gas company in Romania and is majority-owned by the Austrian energy company OMV Group. It operates in various segments of the energy industry, including exploration, production, refining, and distribution.
  • Dacia (Groupe Renault): Dacia, part of the Groupe Renault, is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in Romania. It produces a range of affordable and popular vehicles, including the Dacia Logan, Sandero, and Duster.
  • Rompetrol: Rompetrol is a major player in the energy and petroleum sector in Romania. It is involved in oil refining, distribution, and retail operations, including the Rompetrol gas station network.
  • Kaufland: Kaufland is a large retail chain in Romania, operating supermarkets and hypermarkets. It is part of the German Schwarz Group and has a significant presence in the Romanian retail market.
  • Orange Romania: Orange Romania is one of the country's leading telecommunications companies, providing mobile and fixed-line telephony, internet, and television services. It is part of the global Orange Group.

Five largest banks in Romania

  1. Banca Comercială Română (BCR): BCR is the largest bank in Romania in terms of assets and is a subsidiary of Erste Group, a leading European financial institution. It offers a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals and businesses.
  2. BRD - Groupe Société Générale: BRD is a subsidiary of the French banking group Société Générale and is one of the major banks in Romania. It provides various banking products and services, including retail and corporate banking.
  3. Raiffeisen Bank: Raiffeisen Bank is the Romanian subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International, an Austrian banking group. It is a significant player in the Romanian banking sector, offering a range of financial services.
  4. BCR Banca pentru Locuințe: BCR Banca pentru Locuințe specializes in housing finance and savings solutions in Romania. It is a subsidiary of Banca Comercială Română (BCR).
  5. OTP Bank Romania: OTP Bank Romania is a subsidiary of OTP Group, a major banking group in Central and Eastern Europe. It offers banking services to both retail and corporate customers in Romania.

Top Company Listings in Romania Business Directory

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Bucharest Studios
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Kraft Pub Restaurant
Logo - Restaurant Le Baron
Restaurant Le Baron
Logo - Restaurant Prestige Craiova
Restaurant Prestige Craiova
Logo - Hotel Eos
Hotel Eos
Logo - Centrul Medical Tolea
Centrul Medical Tolea
Logo - Cedarom Computer System Braila
Cedarom Computer System Braila
Logo - Trident Service SRL Buzau
Trident Service SRL Buzau
Logo - Global Business Group Accounting SRL Bucuresti
Global Business Group Accounting SRL Bucuresti
Logo - Audit One SRL Bucuresti
Audit One SRL Bucuresti
Logo - Vieri Web Studio
Vieri Web Studio
Logo - Domina Imobiliare
Domina Imobiliare
Logo - Garanta Asigurari SA Bucuresti
Garanta Asigurari SA Bucuresti
Logo - White Mountain Property Agentie Imobiliara Bucuresti Central
White Mountain Property Agentie Imobiliara Bucuresti Central
Logo - Tradesilvania Exchange
Tradesilvania Exchange
Logo - Don Castor Gradinita & After-School
Don Castor Gradinita & After-School
Logo - Ra Ay Braila - Club Sport & Spa
Ra Ay Braila - Club Sport & Spa
Logo - Freida-Vet SRL Iasi
Freida-Vet SRL Iasi
Logo - Story Films
Story Films
Logo - Traduceri BlitzZ
Traduceri BlitzZ
Logo - ALT Consulting Societate Profesionala SRL
ALT Consulting Societate Profesionala SRL
Logo - Executor Judecatoresc Bucuresti Ulman Bogdan
Executor Judecatoresc Bucuresti Ulman Bogdan
Logo - Petre Andrei University of Iaşi
Petre Andrei University of Iaşi
Logo - Spiru Haret University of Bucharest
Spiru Haret University of Bucharest
Logo - Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi
Logo - Service Laptop
Service Laptop
Logo - Macropay
Logo - Smart Tax Advisors SRL Bucuresti
Smart Tax Advisors SRL Bucuresti
Logo - Agentie imobiliara bucuresti Primuss
Agentie imobiliara bucuresti Primuss
Logo - Cazare ieftina la Hotel Uranus - Bucuresti
Cazare ieftina la Hotel Uranus - Bucuresti
Logo - Mediatic web agency
Mediatic web agency
Logo - Tara's Vet SRL Bucuresti
Tara's Vet SRL Bucuresti
Logo - D-Toys SRL Sfantu Gheorghe
D-Toys SRL Sfantu Gheorghe
Logo - Juno SRL Bucuresti
Juno SRL Bucuresti
Logo - Hibiscus Sport SRL Bucuresti
Hibiscus Sport SRL Bucuresti
Logo - Birou Mediator Bojan I.M.
Birou Mediator Bojan I.M.
Dov Taxi Giurgiu
Logo - BetterQA
Logo - Dormisete
Logo - Jaohar UK Limited de Khaled Jaohar
Jaohar UK Limited de Khaled Jaohar
Logo - Kran: Crane and construction equipment rental
Kran: Crane and construction equipment rental
Logo - Kobyweb
Logo - Xpress Travel
Xpress Travel
Logo - Digital Artflow
Digital Artflow
Logo - Gigi Catalin Neculai
Gigi Catalin Neculai
Logo - Towing-up
Logo - GT Supplies
GT Supplies
Logo - Hotel Savoy Timisoara cu Bar si Restaurant de patru stele
Hotel Savoy Timisoara cu Bar si Restaurant de patru stele
Logo - Pomadent SRL Targu Mures
Pomadent SRL Targu Mures
Logo - Web design Timisoara SEO Romania
Web design Timisoara SEO Romania
Logo - Taxi Total SRL Bucuresti
Taxi Total SRL Bucuresti
Logo - Tarot Claudia
Tarot Claudia
Logo - Recenzii de Top
Recenzii de Top
Logo - FPD Consultanta si Solutii Digitale
FPD Consultanta si Solutii Digitale

Company Directory by Sector

AgricultureArtMusic (1)~Visual Arts (1)Business ServicesLegal Advice (1)~Online Promotion (1)CateringCafes (3)~Drinks (2)~Food (3)~Food Delivery (4)~Restaurants (3)ConstructionArchitecture and Design (1)~Building Construction (1)~Construction of Infrastructure (2)~Costruction Materials (2)EducationColleges and Universities (8)~Preschooling (1)~Private Lessons (1)~Professional (1)Energy UseEntertainmentEvents and Activities (1)~Games, Indoor, Outdoor, Computer (1)~Parties (1)~Toys (2)EnvironmentEventsFamilyFestivities and Holidays (1)~Weddings (1)Finance and InsuranceBlockchain and Crypto (2)~E-commerce (1)~Financial Services (10)~Insurance (2)~Investments (1)Government and Non-profitEducation (8)~Scientific (8)Handmade, Home-MadeHealth and CareBeauty Shops and Parlors (2)~Clinics and Hospitals (4)~Cosmetic (3)~Drugs, Medicines and Substances (1)~Medical Devices and Accessories (1)~Nutrition (2)~Pharmacies (1)~Spa and Wellness (1)~Veterinary (3)HomeArchitecture and Construction (1)~Home Appliances (3)~Home Improvement (1)~Home Supplies (1)Human and SocietyDivination, Fortune Telling, Tarots (1)Industrial Goods and ServicesElectrical Equipment and Cables (1)~Fuels, consumable supplies (1)~Transport Vehicles (1)MiningMass MediaPersonal and CustomizedProfessional ServicesAccounting (3)~Business Management and Consulting (6)~Computer Repairs and Servicing (4)~Cyber Security and Data Protection (1)~Digital Marketing, Promotion, SEO (2)~Employment and Recruitment (2)~Internet Services (1)~Land and Home Design (1)~Legal Consulting (4)~Quality Management and Certification (1)~Repairing (2)~Security and Investigation (2)~Testing (1)~Translation and Interpretation (1)~Video and Photography (5)~Web Design and Software Development (5)~Web Hosting (1)Real EstateDevelopment (1)~Property Management (1)~Real Estate Agents (3)~Rent and Leasing (3)Science and TechnologyInstitutes, Laboratories (8)Sports and RecreationSports (2)TelecommunicationsCellular and Mobile (2)~Computer Consulting and Repairs (4)~Computer Software (5)~Games, Development, Gaming (1)~IT Hardware (1)~Internet (4)~Publishing and Printing (1)~Videos, Radio and TV Broadcasts (2)TradeTransport and StorageAuto (4)~Freight Forwarding (1)~Warehousing (1)TravelAccommodation (2)~Transportation (3)~Travel Agents (1)~Visas and Immigration (1)

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