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Last updated: 11 Apr 2024

Hungary Business Directory & List of Companies

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Brief Overview of Hungary

  • Country Total Area: Approximately 93,030 square kilometers
  • Population: Over 9.7 million
  • List of Provinces in Hungary

  • Budapest (Capital) - Population: Approximately 1.75 million
  • Baranya - Population: Approximately 380,000
  • Bács-Kiskun - Population: Approximately 511,000
  • Békés - Population: Approximately 350,000
  • Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén - Population: Approximately 650,000
  • Hungary on Map
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    Five Top Cities in Hungary

  • Budapest - Population: Approximately 1.75 million
  • Debrecen - Population: Approximately 202,000
  • Szeged - Population: Approximately 160,000
  • Miskolc - Population: Approximately 155,000
  • Pécs - Population: Approximately 144,000
  • Economy of Hungary

  • GDP: Over 170 billion USD
  • GDP Growth: Varied, with an average of around 4% in recent years
  • GDP per Capita: Approximately 17,000 USD
  • Exports/Imports: Exports - Over 120 billion USD, Imports - Over 112 billion USD
  • Unemployment Rate: Around 4%
  • Ease of Doing Business: Hungary ranks relatively high in ease of doing business, with a score of 73.1 (2020)
  • Key Sectors of the Economy: Manufacturing, agriculture, services, and information technology
  • Ten Top Companies in Hungary

  • MOL Group - MOL Group is a leading international oil and gas company with operations in over 30 countries. It is one of the largest companies in Hungary with a capital of over 5 billion USD.
  • PPF Group - PPF Group is a diversified investment company with interests in finance, telecommunications, and more. It has a significant presence in Hungary with substantial capital.
  • Tesco Hungary - Tesco is a well-known international retail company with a strong presence in Hungary. It contributes significantly to the country's economy.
  • Gedeon Richter - Gedeon Richter is a major pharmaceutical company based in Hungary. It plays a crucial role in the healthcare sector and has substantial capital.
  • Audi Hungaria - Audi Hungaria is the largest engine manufacturing plant in the world and a key contributor to Hungary's automotive industry.
  • Siemens Hungary - Siemens is a global technology company with a strong presence in Hungary, contributing to the country's technological advancements.
  • Grundfos Hungary - Grundfos is a leading pump manufacturer with a significant capital investment in Hungary.
  • Wizz Air - Wizz Air is one of the largest low-cost airlines in Central and Eastern Europe, based in Hungary.
  • DHL Hungary - DHL is a renowned logistics company with a strong presence in Hungary, contributing to the country's trade and transportation sector.
  • Hauni Hungaria - Hauni Hungaria is a leading supplier of technologies and services in the global tobacco industry and has a substantial investment in Hungary.
  • Ten Top Banks in Hungary

  • OTP Bank - OTP Bank is the largest and one of the oldest banks in Hungary, with a significant capital base.
  • K&H Bank - K&H Bank is a major player in Hungary's banking sector, offering a wide range of financial services.
  • Raiffeisen Bank - Raiffeisen Bank is a well-established financial institution in Hungary with substantial capital investment.
  • UniCredit Bank Hungary - UniCredit Bank operates as a significant part of the UniCredit Group and has a strong presence in Hungary.
  • Erste Bank Hungary - Erste Bank is a leading financial services provider in Hungary, offering various banking and financial solutions.
  • ING Bank Hungary - ING Bank is a well-known international bank with a presence in Hungary, contributing to the country's banking sector.
  • CIB Bank - CIB Bank is a prominent financial institution in Hungary, offering a wide range of banking services.
  • KDB Bank - KDB Bank is an important player in Hungary's banking industry, providing financial services to customers.
  • MKB Bank - MKB Bank is a well-established bank in Hungary, contributing to the country's financial sector.
  • OTP Faktoring - OTP Faktoring is a subsidiary of OTP Bank, specializing in factoring services in Hungary.
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