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Last updated: 01 Jun 2024

Croatia Business Directory & List of Companies

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Croatia: A Country Overview

Croatia, situated in Southeastern Europe, covers a total area of around 56,594 square kilometers and is home to a population of over 4 million people.

Provinces in Croatia

Croatia is divided into several provinces, each with its unique character. Here are the provinces, their respective provincial capitals, and population:

  • City of Zagreb - Population: Over 800,000 - Provincial Capital: Zagreb
  • Split-Dalmatia County - Population: Approximately 455,000 - Provincial Capital: Split
  • Osijek-Baranja County - Population: Around 305,000 - Provincial Capital: Osijek
  • Primorje-Gorski Kotar County - Population: Over 300,000 - Provincial Capital: Rijeka
  • Istria County - Population: Approximately 208,000 - Provincial Capital: Pazin
Croatia on Map
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Top Five Cities in Croatia

Croatia's urban centers are rich in history and culture. Here are the top five cities by population:

  • Zagreb - Population: Over 800,000
  • Split - Population: Approximately 178,000
  • Rijeka - Population: Around 128,000
  • Osijek - Population: Over 100,000
  • Zadar - Population: Approximately 75,000

Economy of Croatia

Croatia's economy is diverse and growing. Here are key economic figures based on actual data:

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Over 60 billion USD
  • GDP Growth Rate: Approximately 6.9%
  • GDP per Capita: Around 14,800 USD
  • Exports: Over 16 billion USD
  • Imports: Approximately 22 billion USD
  • Unemployment Rate: Approximately 7.7%
  • Ease of Doing Business: Croatia's ease of doing business ranking is 51st globally.

The Croatian economy encompasses sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, and services, contributing to its economic vitality and development.

Ten Top Companies in Croatia

Croatia is home to several prominent companies contributing to various sectors. Here are ten top companies in the country:

  • Agrokor Group - A major conglomerate involved in retail, food production, and distribution. Capital: Over 4 billion USD. Official Website
  • INA Group - A leading energy company operating in the oil and gas sector. Capital: Approximately 1.5 billion USD. Official Website
  • HT Group - Croatia's primary telecommunications company offering a wide range of services. Capital: Over 2 billion USD. Official Website
  • Adris Group - A diversified group with interests in tourism, real estate, and tobacco. Capital: Approximately 1.8 billion USD. Official Website
  • Tehnika Group - Specializes in shipbuilding and related engineering solutions. Capital: Over 300 million USD. Official Website
  • Atlantic Group - A regional consumer goods company with a diverse product portfolio. Capital: Approximately 300 million USD. Official Website
  • Podravka Group - Engaged in the food processing industry and known for its iconic products. Capital: Over 200 million USD. Official Website
  • Konzum Group - A major retail company with a wide network of stores. Capital: Approximately 200 million USD. Official Website
  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla - A technology company providing innovative solutions in telecommunications. Capital: Over 100 million USD. Official Website
  • Adrialpetro - Engaged in exploration and production in the oil and gas sector. Capital: Approximately 50 million USD. Official Website

Ten Top Banks in Croatia

Croatia's banking sector includes several notable banks. Here are ten top banks in the country:

  • Privredna Banka Zagreb (PBZ) - One of Croatia's largest banks offering a wide range of financial services. Capital: Over 250 million USD. Official Website
  • Erste Group Bank - Part of the Erste Group, providing comprehensive banking solutions. Capital: Approximately 80 million USD. Official Website
  • Hrvatska poštanska banka (HPB) - Croatia's post bank offering various financial products. Capital: Over 60 million USD. Official Website
  • Zagrebačka banka (UniCredit Group) - Part of the UniCredit Group, delivering banking and financial services. Capital: Approximately 200 million USD. Official Website
  • Raiffeisen Bank - A well-established bank offering comprehensive financial services. Capital: Over 50 million USD. Official Website
  • Splitska banka (Société Générale Group) - Part of Société Générale Group, providing banking and financial solutions. Capital: Approximately 40 million USD. Official Website
  • OTP banka - A bank committed to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. Capital: Over 30 million USD. Official Website
  • PBZ stambena štedionica - Focused on providing financial solutions for housing and savings. Capital: Approximately 10 million USD. Official Website
  • Crobank (Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development) - Supports economic development in Croatia. Capital: Over 20 million USD. Official Website
  • Sberbank d.d. - A part of Sberbank Group, offering banking services and products. Capital: Approximately 15 million USD. Official Website

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