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Last updated: 20 Apr 2024

Uganda Business Directory & List of Companies

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Capital City and 5 Largest Cities in Uganda

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 39.33 billion (2021)
  • GDP Growth Rate: 2.7% (2021)
  • Inflation Rate: 4.4% (2021)
  • Unemployment Rate: 16.2% (2021)
  • Major Industries: Textiles, Olive Oil, Phosphates, Chemicals, Tourism-related services
  • Currency: Tunisian Dinar (TND)
  • Trade Partners: European Union, Various Countries
Uganda on Map
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Uganda Economy in Figures

  1. Kampala

    Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. It's the largest city and serves as the country's economic and political hub. Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kampala is known for its vibrant culture, markets, and a mix of modern and historic landmarks.

  2. Entebbe

    Entebbe is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria and is known for its international airport. It's a major transportation hub and a gateway for travelers visiting Uganda. The city also boasts beautiful botanical gardens and wildlife sanctuaries.

  3. Mbarara

    Mbarara is a city located in southwestern Uganda. It's known for its agricultural activities and is often referred to as the "Land of Milk and Honey" due to its dairy farming. Mbarara is an important commercial center in the region.

  4. Jinja

    Jinja is located in southeastern Uganda and is famous for being the source of the Nile River. It's a popular destination for adventure seekers and offers activities such as white-water rafting and boat trips to explore the Nile's origin.

  5. Gulu

    Gulu is a city in northern Uganda and serves as the economic and commercial center for the northern region. It has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its traditional music and dance.

Ten Top Banks in Uganda

  1. Stanbic Bank Uganda
  2. Centenary Bank
  3. Standard Chartered Bank Uganda
  4. Barclays Bank of Uganda (Absa Group)
  5. Dfcu Bank
  6. Equity Bank Uganda
  7. Bank of Uganda (Central Bank)
  8. Uganda Development Bank
  9. United Bank for Africa (UBA)
  10. Finance Trust Bank

Company Directory by Sector

AgriculturePlant Growing (1)~Seeds (1)ArtDesign (1)~Music (1)~Performing Arts (1)~Visual Arts (1)Business ServicesCateringConstructionBuilding Construction (1)~Construction of Infrastructure (1)EducationColleges and Universities (1)~Preschooling (1)~Private Lessons (1)~Public Awareness (1)Energy UseElectric Supply (9)EntertainmentEvents and Activities (1)~Gifts (1)~Libraries (1)~Toys (1)EnvironmentPollution Control (1)~Sustainable Development (1)EventsFamilyFinance and InsuranceFinancial Services (2)Government and Non-profitEducation (1)~Scientific (1)Handmade, Home-MadeHealth and CareBeauty Shops and Parlors (1)HomeDomestic Services (1)~Home Appliances (1)~Home Improvement (1)Human and SocietyIndustrial Goods and ServicesElectrical Equipment and Cables (4)~Machinery and Equipment (4)~Measuring and Testing Devices (2)~Repairs, Servicing and Installation (8)MiningMass MediaPersonal and CustomizedProfessional ServicesAdvertising (1)~Computer Design and Graphics (1)~Cyber Security and Data Protection (1)~Digital Marketing, Promotion, SEO (2)~Fashion and Design (1)~Marketing (2)~Translation and Interpretation (1)~Web Design and Software Development (2)~Web Hosting (1)Real EstateReal Estate Agents (3)~Rent and Leasing (2)Science and TechnologyArtificial Intelligence (1)~Infrastructure, Facitilites (2)~Institutes, Laboratories (3)~Personalities (1)Sports and RecreationAdventure (1)~Sports (1)~Sports Events (1)TelecommunicationsComputer Consulting and Repairs (1)~Computer Software (1)~Programming (1)TradeE-commerce (1)~Retail Trade (1)~Wholesale Trade (2)Transport and StorageAuto (1)~Car Rental (1)~Freight Forwarding (1)~Warehousing (1)TravelAccommodation (2)~Destinations and Attractions (3)~Outdoors and Adventure (6)~Publishing and Media (1)~Tour Guides (3)~Tour Operators (14)~Transportation (4)~Travel Agents (8)

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