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Last updated: 22 Mar 2024

Tajikistan Business Directory & List of Companies

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Capital City and 5 Largest Cities in Tajikistan

  • Capital: Dushanbe - Dushanbe is the capital and largest city of Tajikistan. It is located in the western part of the country and serves as its political, economic, and cultural center.
  • Khujand: Khujand is the second-largest city in Tajikistan and is situated in the northern part of the country, near the border with Uzbekistan. It is an important economic and cultural hub in the Ferghana Valley.
  • Qurghonteppa (Kurgan-Tyube): Qurghonteppa, also known as Kurgan-Tyube, is one of the largest cities in Tajikistan and is located in the southern part of the country. It serves as an agricultural and industrial center.
  • Istaravshan (Uroteppa): Istaravshan, formerly known as Uroteppa, is a historic city in northern Tajikistan. It is known for its ancient sites and cultural heritage.
  • Vahdat (Vakhdat): Vahdat, formerly known as Vakhdat, is one of the largest cities in Tajikistan and is located near Dushanbe, the capital. It is an industrial and administrative center in the Dushanbe metropolitan area.
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GDP (2020)

Tajikistan's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the year 2020 was approximately .9 billion USD.

GDP Growth (2020)

Tajikistan's economy experienced growth in 2020, with a GDP growth rate of around 4.0%. This growth was attributed to various factors, including remittances from Tajik migrant workers abroad.

Inflation Rate (2020)

Tajikistan's inflation rate in 2020 was approximately 7.5%.

Unemployment Rate

Official statistics on unemployment in Tajikistan can vary, but it has historically been relatively high, with a significant portion of the population engaged in informal and seasonal labor.


Remittances from Tajik workers abroad, primarily in Russia, have been a crucial source of income for the country's economy, often accounting for a substantial portion of its GDP.

Export and Import Partners

Tajikistan's main export partners include China, Russia, and Turkey. Key exports include cotton, aluminum, minerals, and agricultural products. The country imports a range of goods, including machinery, vehicles, and petroleum products, with primary suppliers being Russia and China.


Agriculture plays a significant role in Tajikistan's economy, employing a large portion of the population and contributing to both domestic consumption and exports.


Tajikistan has substantial hydropower potential, and the development of the energy sector, particularly through hydropower projects, has been a focus of economic development efforts.

Foreign Investment

The Tajik government has sought foreign investment, particularly in sectors such as energy, agriculture, and infrastructure, to support economic growth and development.


Tajikistan faces economic challenges, including dependence on remittances, vulnerability to external shocks, and the need for further economic diversification and structural reforms.

Five Largest Companies in Tajikistan

  1. TALCO (Tajikistan Aluminum Company): TALCO is one of Tajikistan's largest and most well-known companies. It is involved in the production of aluminum and related products and is a significant player in the global aluminum market.
  2. Barki Tojik: Barki Tojik is the state-owned electricity company responsible for the generation, distribution, and supply of electricity in Tajikistan. It plays a crucial role in the country's energy sector.
  3. Agroinvestbank: Agroinvestbank is one of Tajikistan's leading banks, specializing in providing financial services to the agricultural sector. It supports farmers and agricultural businesses across the country.
  4. Rogun Hydroelectric Power Plant: The Rogun Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant is a major infrastructure project in Tajikistan. When completed, it is expected to be one of the world's tallest dams and a significant source of hydroelectric power for the country.
  5. Tajik Air: Tajik Air is the national airline of Tajikistan. It operates domestic and international flights and plays a crucial role in connecting Tajikistan with the rest of the world.

Five Largest Banks in Tajikistan

  1. Orienbank: Orienbank is one of the largest commercial banks in Tajikistan, offering a range of banking services, including retail banking, corporate banking, and international operations. It has a network of branches and ATMs across the country.
  2. Agroinvestbank: Agroinvestbank is a state-owned bank that primarily focuses on providing financial services to the agricultural sector. It plays a crucial role in supporting farmers and agricultural businesses in Tajikistan.
  3. Tojiksodirotbank: Tojiksodirotbank is one of Tajikistan's leading banks, offering a wide range of financial services to both retail and corporate clients. It has a significant presence in the country's banking sector.
  4. Spitamen Bank: Spitamen Bank is a commercial bank in Tajikistan that provides banking services to individuals and businesses. It is known for its presence in the microfinance and small business lending sectors.
  5. Amonatbonk (Savings Bank of Tajikistan): Amonatbonk is the state savings bank of Tajikistan. It offers traditional banking services, including savings accounts and lending, and operates a network of branches throughout the country.

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