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Last updated: 27 Sep 2021

Mexico Business Directory - List of Companies

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Mexico is a state located between the United States and the countries of Central America. Bordered on the north by United States, Belize, and Guatemala in the south.

Area - 1,973,000 km².

Population: 126.2 million (2018) Ethnic composition: Indians, Europeans and Africans. Of the bulk of the population, 63% are mestizo, slightly more than 30% are Indians, about 5% are Europeans and about 2% are other ethnic groups.

Official language: Spanish is the de facto national language spoken by most Mexicans, although it is not defined as an official language by the law.

Features - Mexico has access to the sea.

Capital city: Mexico City, with a population of 9 million, being the largest Hispanic city in the world. The agglomeration is home to 22 million people (2015 estimate, the fourth largest agglomeration in the world).

Five largest cities in Mexico

  1. Ecatepec de Morelos (1,734,701 people)
  2. Tijuana (1,590,420)
  3. Puebla de Sargosa (1,590,256)
  4. Guadalajara (1,564,514)
  5. Ciudad Juarez (1,564,514)
Economy. GDP volume: USD 1,200 billion (2019). GDP annual growth rate: 18.7% (Q2/20), GDP per capita: 10,276 USD (2019), GDP per capita based on PPP: 19,746 USD (2019), Inflation rate: 4.05% (Aug 2020). Salary: 404 MXN / day | 396 USD / month (Aug 2020), unemployment rate: 5.2% (Aug 2020). Corruption rank: 130.

According to the World Bank's "Doing Business" rating, Mexico is ranked 60th out of 190 countries. Currency: Mexican peso.

Main sectors of the economy: oil and gas industry. The backbone of the Mexican economy, oil and gas, accounts for a significant share of export products. Other well-developed sectors: energy industry, metallurgical industry, light industry.

Cumulative exports from Mexico totaled 472 billion USD in 2019. In value terms, an increase in the supply of goods from Mexico compared to 2018 amounted to 4.79%: the export of goods increased by 21 billion USD (in 2018, goods worth 450 billion USD were supplied from Mexico).

Export structure of Mexico in 2019
  • 25% (121 billion USD) - Ground transport vehicles, other than railway or tram rolling stock, and their parts and accessories
  • 16.7% (78 billion USD) - boilers, equipment and mechanical devices; their parts
  • 16.6% (78 billion USD) - Electrical machinery and equipment, their parts; sound recording and reproducing equipment, equipment for recording and reproducing television images and sound, their parts and accessories
  • 5.62% (26 billion USD) - Mineral fuels, oil and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral waxes
  • 4.2% (19.8 billion USD) - Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, control, precision, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus; parts and accessories
  • 2.86% (13.5 billion USD) - Goods not specified by type
  • 2.3% (10.8 billion USD) - Plastics and articles thereof
  • 2.18% (10.2 billion USD) - Furniture; bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions and similar stuffed furniture; lamps and lighting fittings, not elsewhere specified or included; illuminated signs, illuminated signs
  • 1.65% (7.8 billion USD) - Vegetables and some edible roots and tubers
  • 1.58% (7.49 billion USD) - Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and vinegar

5 largest companies in Mexico

5 largest banks in Mexico

  1. Afirme Grupo Financiero
  2. Banca afirme
  3. Banco Azteca
  4. Banco de Mexico (Banxico)
  5. Banco del Bajio (BanBajio)
  6. Banco Interacciones
  7. Banco monex

Company Listing / Business Directory in Mexico

Ibero-American University, Mexico City – Ibero-american University León
León, Mexico
Founded 1978.


Accountancy, Architecture, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Communication Studies, Computer Engineering, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Design, Education, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Studies, Food Science, Graphic Design, Industrial Engineering,...
Technological University of the Mixteca
Huajuapán de León, Mexico
Founded 1990.


Administration, Advertising and Publicity, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Control Engineering, Banking, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Building Technologies, Business Administration, Business and...
Autonomous University of Chiapas
Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico
Founded 1975, incorporating previously existing schools.


Accountancy, Administration, Agricultural Business, Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Agronomy, Anthropology, Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication Studies, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, Economics,...
Top Mexico Real Estate
Calle Quinta Avenida 14-12, Gonzalo Guerrero, Playa del Carmen Q.R Centro, Mexico
I am here to help you and guide you through all the processes of buying a new home in Mexico. Let me and my team of professionals provide you with...


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