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A Website Management Service: how to create, maintain or fix a business website: design, usability, SEO, content and other tasks at low cost

The tools below are intended for business owners who need to start, develop or maintain a website, fix possible issues, such as adding or modifying pages and content, improving usability, increasing page loading speed at a cheap price. The tasks can be assigned one by one or in packages.

If you want help with your website, its optimization or better performance to beat your competition, we invite you to tell us your required tasks below and send us a request for quotation.

Task 1: help me find a good domain name

Finding the right domain name for a business website is a challenge that is often underestimated. A domain, once registered, needs development and investment in its promotion. After such investment has been made it is too late or too expensive to change the name.
see how we can help with domain registration

Task 2: help me transfer domain to a new registrar

You have a great domain name but at some point you discovered that your current domain registrar is not appropriate for whatever reason: too pricey, has problems with payment means, lazy or irresponsive support... If it is now time to change the registrar, ask professionals to help with it.
see how we can help with transferring the domain

Task 3: help me diagnose my web hosting

Most website owners (webmasters) are over-paying for their web hosting and don't know about it. Choosing the right hosting requires looking at many aspects of the website, which in most cases are simply overlooked, leading to less effectiveness, higher costs, problems with page speed, low ranks at search engine and finally, to less visitors, sales and money to the business.
see how we can help with web hosting

Task 4: website migration to a new hosting

Transferring a website from one hosting to another is a tremendous task. The webmaster needs to be sure that no essential data are lost from the website, all its features and functions are perfectly working in the new environment on the new web server, and auxiliary services like email, chat, etc. are properly configured.
see how we can help with website migration

Task 5: add SSL certificate/HTTPS for website

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that encrypts the traffic between your website and its visitors. Also, it confirms that the user is visiting the right domain and tells the visitor that it is secure.
see how we can help with SSL certificate/HTTPS

Task 6: Run a usability audit for website

Usability test or audit includes a number of checks that specialists run on your website to see if it is friendly to visitors, has simple and intuitive navigation, proper structure with all important elements clearly visible and in the right place, and so forth for over 50 various items in the checklist.
see how we can help with a website usability audit

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