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SEO Tools For Business Website

Promote your business online and get more targeted customers from the Web by applying our state-of-the-art SEO services to your corporate website. At Bizpages, we accumulated significant competencies and skills to help our users increase their online visibility and sales.

SEO Audit

Is your website, so beautifully designed and carefully written, sending you lots of clients? No? It is now time to ask: what's wrong with it and how this can be improved?

To check health and effectiveness of your website, our team applies tools and methods that analyze hundreds of factors. These include onpage and offpage factors, historical and infrastructure analysis, including website speed and its performance. The result of such series of checks is an Audit Report where we provide two sections: Identified Problems and Recommended Solutions.

Based on the SEO Audit Report, you will be able to:
  • Identify what problems affect your website and prevent clients from flowing in and converting them to sales
  • See how to resolve such problems using affordable solutions

Usability Audit

The Usability Audit generates a Usability Report, in which our experts will focus on the following series of checks:
  • Overall website design: how does it look and feel?
  • Navigation check - are all parts of the website easily and logically clickable?
  • Mobile friendly checks - does your page looks good on mobile phones, tablets and different screen resolutions?
  • Page Speed: is your server responding fast?

Keyword Research

To beat competitors, you need to find the right keywords describing your business niche. Your webpages must contain keywords or key phrases that best reflect the essence of your business. The keywords have to be properly implemented inside your page elements, such as page title, headers H1 to H6, page text, etc.

Our team will use industry tools to do a research into your keywords. Then, we apply state-of-the-art automated tools to check how your keywords are distributed across your page and if your text is OK for the search engines.

Link Building

As backlinks remain a key factor to improve your search engine rankings, we have developed a number of tools to offer our clients quality link building packages at an affordable price. You can select a package that fits your budget, scope, and specific requirements. Also, as a result of Website Audit, our experts can provide recommendations regarding what links should be built, from what external websites, leading to what pages, etc.

Content Writing and Guest Posting

Filling your website with good content is a tremendous challenge. Usually, website owners don't have time to write content such as news, reviews or articles, as they are busy with day-to-day business operations. With our team of writers, your website can have timely updates and display fresh info to please visitors.

Having a piece of content is just a half of the business. The other part is to make it known to everybody and distribute across the Internet. For this, we have designed a guest-posting service called Guest Post Accept, an ultimate tool to create and distribute your content on websites and blogs throughout the web.

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