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Backlinks from premium websites

We offer packages of powerful backlinks from premium world-class websites to help our clients promote their businesses online effectively. Using the list of backlinks below, you can establish a link that passes a lot of authority to your website or exact page and improve your website performance by:
  • growing the overall authority of your website
  • improving search engine rankings of a certain web page
  • receiving flows of real visitors who follow the link
  • improving your website visitor retention and bounce rate (under certain conditions - see Why Buying Links Is Still Alive below)
Donor Website
Dofollow / Nofollow
Price, USD per month
news.bbc.co.uk 5.68 DF 8 96 47 7
cbc.ca 7.16 DF 14 93 43 2
www1.rfi.fr 7.50 DF 11 92 38 13
salon.com 7.88 DF 11 91 43 11
ici.radio-canada.ca 1.85 DF 2 88 39 1
slashdot.org 2.63 NF 6 91 41 1
en.wikipedia.org 5.55 NF 12 98 66 10
github.com 5.98 NF 8 96 55 2
heise.de 1.90 DF 3 91 40 1
habr.com 6.74 DF 13 90 36 1
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Why Buying Backlinks Is Still A Working Strategy

According to SEO experts, the quality and number of backlinks is still a vital factor that determines search engine rankings. After years of fighting the whole idea of using backlinks as the key measurement of website value, it seems that all search engines inlcuding Google have given up and we are now seeing a remarkable come-back of the link business.

The fact that backlinks really work is based on the practical experience of thousands of webmasters and SEO specialists. They know which pages on their websites are ranking better and which are ranking poorer. Through such an euristic approach combined with other on-page and off-page factors they notice that usually pages that receive good quality and relevant backlinks from authoritative resources are ranking better than pages with zero backlinks.

The entire analysis is complicated by hundreds of other factors that Google and other SE are taking into account. Yet, the input of good backlinks is undeniable.

Advantages of using backlinks from this list

  1. Easy to set up - all you need is to provide the target URL for the link and make the payment as needed.
  2. Easy to remove - it takes seconds to remove the link if you decide to cancel for whatever reason.
  3. Easy to switch among your pages - if your SEO promotion strategy has changed and you decide to promote another page, you can easily change the target URL.
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