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Free or Paid Plan

There are two usage levels at Bizpages: Free and Paid. A paid plan requires a fee of 1 USD per month (payable annually). As paid users, our clients can have full functionality and access to all features. Free users have access to limited functions.
Attention!!! A paid plan is not renewed or charged automatically. We don't keep your credit card info or Paypal email and we NEVER charge ANYTHING without your knowledge. It is fully your choice and responsibility to renew the paid plan on time, though we may remind you that it is expiring.

See the comparison table below.

Free Plan
Limited Business Listing
Company data displayed
Non-indexable website link
No custom listing URL
No Call-To-Action in the listing
No Direct Client Enquiry feature
No Company Feature on Index, Country & Category pages
Products and Services Pages available, but links are non-indexable
Paid Plan, 1 USD per month, paid annually
Full Business Listing
Indexable website link
Custom listing URL
Call-To-Action with desired link text
Direct Client Enquiry
Company Listing on Index, Country & Category Pages
Unlimited Products & Services Pages
Product pages with required Title, Description, H1 and text, images, videos and indexable links
Promoted on our pages: Index, Country & Category
Direct Client Enquiry via email, mobile app or messenger

What happens if the paid plan is not renewed at some point

  • Your added business listing will stay, listing links may be changed to non-indexable.
  • CTA, Direct Client Enquiry, Index/Country/Category pages promotion are suspended.
  • Your added product pages will stay, with links, images and videos. External links may change to non-indexable.
  • Articles and posts will stay.

A suspended paid plan can be renewed at any time.
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