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Last updated: 23 Apr 2024

Singapore Business Directory & List of Companies

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Brief Overview of Singapore

Singapore, a small city-state located in Southeast Asia, is known for its economic prowess and vibrant multicultural society. With a total land area of approximately 719 square kilometers, it is one of the smallest countries in the world. Despite its modest size, Singapore boasts a population of over 5.6 million people, making it one of the most densely populated nations globally.

List of Provinces in Singapore

Singapore is not divided into provinces like some larger countries. Instead, it is organized into planning areas and regions. The country is further subdivided into planning areas such as Jurong, Bedok, and Bukit Timah. Each of these areas is administered by government agencies and municipal authorities, contributing to the smooth functioning of the nation.

Five Top Cities in Singapore

  1. Singapore City - Population: Over 5.6 million
  2. Jurong West - Population: Over 264,000
  3. Bedok - Population: Over 279,000
  4. Bukit Timah - Population: Over 77,000
  5. Pasir Ris - Population: Over 148,000
Singapore on Map
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Economy of Singapore

Singapore's economy is one of the most developed and open in the world. In 2021, it had a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of approximately 372 billion USD, showcasing its economic strength. The nation has experienced consistent GDP growth over the years, making it a global financial hub.

With a high GDP per capita of around 66,000 USD, Singapore is known for its high standard of living and prosperity.

The country's economy heavily relies on international trade, with significant exports and imports contributing to its wealth. The ease of doing business in Singapore is remarkable, ranking high in global business indices due to its efficient regulatory environment.

Key sectors of the economy include finance, technology, manufacturing, and logistics. Singapore's strategic location and robust infrastructure have made it a regional hub for various industries, attracting multinational corporations and investors.


Singapore, despite its small size, has established itself as a global economic powerhouse and a vibrant cultural melting pot. With a strong economy, efficient business environment, and a diverse population, it continues to be a beacon of success in Southeast Asia.

Ten Top Companies in Singapore

  1. DBS Group Holdings
  2. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC)
  3. United Overseas Bank (UOB)
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. Keppel Corporation
  6. SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications Limited)
  7. Wilmar International
  8. Genting Singapore
  9. Sembcorp Industries
  10. CapitaLand

Ten Top Banks in Singapore

  1. DBS Bank
  2. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC)
  3. United Overseas Bank (UOB)
  4. Standard Chartered Bank
  5. Citibank
  6. HSBC Singapore
  7. Mizuho Bank
  8. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC)
  9. Barclays Bank
  10. BNP Paribas

Company Directory by Sector

AgricultureArtPerforming Arts (1)~Visual Arts (1)Business ServicesAccounting (3)~Advertising and Marketing (5)~Business Process Management and Modeling (3)~Legal Advice (1)~Office Management and Administration (1)~Online Promotion (1)CateringCafes (2)~Drinks (3)~Food (4)~Food Delivery (4)~Restaurants (5)ConstructionArchitecture and Design (2)~Building Construction (2)~Construction of Infrastructure (1)~Costruction Materials (1)EducationCoaching (8)~Preschooling (1)~Private Lessons (1)~Professional (2)~Schooling (1)Energy UseEntertainmentAdventure (1)~Gambling, Betting and Lotteries (1)~Shopping (3)~Toys (3)EnvironmentAir Conditioning, Cleaning (1)EventsConferences, Summits, Assemblies (2)~Seminars, Workshops (1)FamilyFestivities and Holidays (1)~Funerals (1)Finance and InsuranceBanks (1)~Financial Services (12)~Insurance (6)~Investments (4)~Reinsurance (1)Government and Non-profitHandmade, Home-MadeClothing, Footwear, Skullcaps (1)~Decor, Furniture, Household (1)Health and CareAlternative Medicine (3)~Beauty Shops and Parlors (2)~Clinics and Hospitals (8)~Cosmetic (4)~Drugs, Medicines and Substances (1)~Fitness and Coaching (1)~Medical Devices and Accessories (4)~Medical Doctors and Practinioners (7)~Nursing Homes, Seniors, Elderly, Assisted Living (3)~Nutrition (1)~Orphanages and Chidlren's Homes (1)~Public Health (2)~Spa and Wellness (2)~Veterinary (2)HomeArchitecture and Construction (3)~Domestic Services (2)~Furniture (2)~Home Appliances (8)~Home Improvement (12)~Home Supplies (3)~Interior Design (5)~Moving and Relocating (1)~Pets (1)Human and SocietyIndustrial Goods and ServicesBeverages (2)~Computers and Mobiles (1)~Electrical Equipment and Cables (2)~Electronic and Optical Products (2)~Fabricated Products and Components (1)~Food Products (1)~Jewelry (2)~Machinery and Equipment (1)~Packaging Materials (1)MiningMass MediaSocial Media, Messengers (1)~TV, Radio, Online Media (1)Personal and CustomizedAccessories (3)~Equipment (3)Professional ServicesAccounting (3)~Advertising (3)~Architectural and Engineering Design (1)~Business Management and Consulting (8)~Computer Repairs and Servicing (3)~Cyber Security and Data Protection (1)~Digital Marketing, Promotion, SEO (9)~Fashion and Design (2)~Land and Home Design (1)~Legal Consulting (4)~Maintenance and Improvement (2)~Marketing (6)~Medical Consulting (1)~Quality Management and Certification (1)~Repairing (3)~Safety, Security, Surveillance, Monitoring (2)~Video and Photography (6)~Web Design and Software Development (14)~Web Hosting (1)Real EstateDevelopment (5)~Property Management (2)~Real Estate Agents (8)~Rent and Leasing (2)Science and TechnologyInfrastructure, Facitilites (1)Sports and RecreationBody Practices (1)~Sports (5)TelecommunicationsCellular and Mobile (1)~Computer Software (6)TradeE-commerce (2)~International (1)~Retail Trade (1)~Wholesale Trade (1)Transport and StorageAuto (4)~Car Rental (1)~Customs Clearing (1)~Freight Forwarding (4)~Location and Tracking (2)~Postal and Courier (1)~Traffic Control (1)~Urban Transport (2)~Warehousing (2)TravelAccommodation (3)~Destinations and Attractions (1)~Food and Drink (1)~Transportation (5)~Visas and Immigration (1)

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