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Video Testimonials to Promote Your Business

10 May 2021

Bizpages has started a new useful service to assist its members in promoting and marketing their businesses. This new tool is called Light Video Testimonials: it is to create and publish a video testimonial (review) from satisfied clients that would look professional, send a clear message to potential clients, and be reachable online.

Happy Customers in a Video Testimonial
Happy Customers in a Video Testimonial

With incessantly growing online competition, businesses now need more effort and investment to build their online reputation. It is now widespread that almost all potential customers first perform initial online research into the company they plan to purchase products or services from. It is therefore vitally important for any business to be well presented online, have a good and user-friendly website, and show future clients what other happy clients have to say about the business.

To cater to this need, Bizpages has introduced a new service, Light Video Testimonials (https://bizpages.org/en/video-testimonials). 'Light' in its title means that this service is quite different from what other services in this sector have to offer. See below how our tool makes a difference:

  • * As a business owner, you do not need to invest big money in the video testimonial. It must be made quickly and at a lower cost
  • * No need to film a long and too complex video
  • * No need to hire a video creation company with a director, camera operator, light operator, costume designers, etc.
  • * No need to find a location for filming
  • * No expensive post-production
Our intention behind this service is that you as a business will get your business testimonial done with minimal effort, at an affordable cost (currently only 15 USD per video), and in a reasonable time, just one or two days.

See an example of a listed business on Bizpages (Aba Travel Uzbekistan) who have done a terrific job collecting videos from their happy customers and publishing them online.

To start the creation of a video testimonial, we may need to receive some essential information about your business and clients. For this purpose, we designed a form through which you can easily order a video testimonial and provide all needed info.

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