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A video testimonial service for business: how to create attractive 'thank you' videos from satisfied customers

This tool is for business owners who want to make a client testimonial video at low cost and use it effectively. One part is devoted to why such videos are important, and why they usually deliver better results than other types of reviews.

An important section is how to ensure your videos are credible and trustworthy. There we discuss what questions should be asked from the customer, what else should be in the video, and examples of good testimonials.

In the end, Bizpages offers a tool to create and publish videos containing client testimonials quickly and at a minimal price.

Create a nicely looking and informative Light Video Testimonial to grow your business reputation, credibility and attract new customers.

15 USD per video
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 video testimonials production
making a video testimonial from happy clients

Why use a customer testimonial

Every business wants to tell its potential customers how successful it has been and why clients liked it and now they want to keep buying from it. The most credible and natural way to do so is to ask what existing customers have to say.

A happy client is easy to ask for a favor: s/he would be willing to say good words about a high-quality product, service, or activity delivered by the business and tell about good experiences from interacting with the brand.

Any professional business person knows how extremely important it is to collect, process, and publish good reviews from every contented client. Such work adds to the offline and online reputation and helps build the trust and credibility of the company in future clients.

Among all sources and channels that people use to decide if they trust certain information or not, reviews or opinions from other people make an outstanding effect and can only be compared to an email from a friend or known person. All other methods to convince the audience that your product or service is worth buying are far less effective.

See the comparison table below:
How much do you trust the following information sources?
Email from people you know
Consumer product ratings/reviews
Portals/search engines
offline Directories like YellowPages
Print Newspapers
Social media profiles from people you know
Print Magazines
Content Websites like NYTimes.com, CNET, Ivillage
Email from company or brand
Direct mail
Message Board or Forum posts
Online Classifieds
Personal Blog
Social media profiles from a company or brand
Company Blog
Base: US online adults who use each type of content
Source: Forrester Research Inc.

Text vs. Video

There are basically two most common methods to collect customer opinions: text and video. Let's see the advantages and downsides of each:
  • Easy to create and modify
  • Easy to publish on the website
  • Lower credibility
  • Easy to manipulate and create false/spammy reviews
  • Less attractive to visitors, harder to digest
  • More effort and technical skills needed to create and modify
  • Easy to publish on the website
  • Higher credibility
  • Harder to manipulate and create false/spammy reviews
  • More attractive to visitors and easier to digest

Which is Better for SEO?

How does a text containing a client review impact your rankings? You definitely want to publish your text review on a visible page inside your website. The text written by someone else is raw, that is, it is provided 'as is' without any SEO optimization. You cannot be sure that such a text would improve or deteriorate your positions in search engines.

On the contrary, an embedded video makes no or little effect on your page text. You can add a one-hour-long video and your webpage size remains unchanged. Moreover, if needed, you can write your own text description for it, which can be better optimized and relevant to the overall topic of your webpage.

Another excellent feature of the visual format is that it keeps your visitor on the page much longer than if it was with a text. This is an extra benefit for search engines that measure the bounce rate of your page. This indicator shows how long a visitor typically stays on your page: the longer is the time, the better for the rankings.

How to Collect a 100% Authentic and Credible Testimonial

Video testimonials, like almost any other extremely popular and effective tool, have been severely abused by irresponsible business owners and those they hired to make fake video reviews. As the number of such scam reviews grew, many bona fide businesses have turned away from this useful client attraction method.

There are simple ways to stand out from the crowd and send a clear message to your visitors that the opinions you have collected your clients are real.

Method 1: Locations and Views in the Video

As the representative of the business that creates the video, you should ask your satisfied client to make the video with a location in the background that clearly shows its origin. Here is a good example of such: an Italian family who visited a country, shares their experiences when they get back home, and the background of the video (a beautiful sea landscape) is absolutely convincing that the review is not a fake.
Example of a credible background

Method 2: Language and Accent

If your clients are from another country, ask them to tell about your business in the video in their native language: just a few words would be sufficient while the rest can be in English or your desired language.

Method 3: Dates and Details

Ask your client who would make the record to mention the dates when the business interaction took place and particular details of the product or service that they bought. In this way, all your videos are following each other as a timeline. This tells your visitors that yours is a sustainable business and it has been staying as such over years.

Method 4: Add More Media

When you make the visual media, add photos or videos that best describe your product, service, or activity, and show the client using the product or service. The idea is that a legitimate and live business always has lots of such photo and video proofs at hand that are hard to falsify.

Marketing Benefits

As the two main goals of any marketing campaign are to find new and retain old customers, the testimonial video tool can serve both perfectly well. You can ask a happy client for a favor of making a short cellphone record to tell the world why and how the business did well to satisfy the client's needs.

Making such a video is a nice after-sale activity that makes the client feel important and valued, and that his/her opinion is appreciated. Also, it is a good chance to express the gratitude which is free of charge. People like free stuff, and they like to be generous especially when it costs nothing to them.

One even more important marketing magic this tool does is persuading a new customer that s/he found a trustworthy and credible business that is eager to meet all requirements. Video reviews are better trusted because there is a real person in the video telling the story. Making such a video requires more effort than just writing a few lines of text in a traditional textual review, and customers understand this perfectly.

Also, if the testimonial video is well designed and looks professional, it is visually more comfortable and pleasing to watch a nice clip than read a text. A visual media is perceived as a more sophisticated, state-of-the-art tool in which the business has invested its time and money.

How to make it at a lower cost

Traditional video testimonial services offer an upper-end and expensive video that involves shooting a professional visual product with a script to follow, operator's work, digital effects, and the client in the focus as a movie star. While such a product is definitely a great tool to attract new customers, only few businesses can afford it as the cost may go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per item.

Regular small or medium business owners will definitely find this price too high and they would prefer to use other tools such as text reviews. This is even more so because a typical business may want to have several testimonial videos to make it all look solid and credible. For a good-looking testimonial page, there must be at least three or more such visual recordings. As time goes by, the company may need to create new, more recent video reviews to demonstrate that the business is alive.

Bizpages comes up with a tool that is called Light Video Testimonials that can be used by virtually any business, be it small, medium, or big. See advantages below:
  • No need to hire a team of professionals such as a director, cameraman, digital effects or visual effects artists, etc.
  • No need to use a piece of sophisticated and expensive equipment, light, premises or office space to shoot the video
  • Low cost of post-production and publishing
  • The final product can be made ready in one day
  • As many as needed video reviews can be produced at a low cost
  • Unlike expensive traditional customer reviews, the light testimonial video can be made quickly and be up-to-date at all times.

Create a Light Video Testimonial Now

Find below our product to create required videos professionally, quickly and at an affordable cost. See what is needed to start:
Step 1 - Ask to Record a Video
Ask one of your happy clients to make a short video using a cellphone.

Make sure that the client mentions all essential information that may contribute to the quality and credibility of your content:
  1. Name and country of the client
  2. Name of your business
  3. Time when the business interaction happened
  4. Which product or service was used by the client
  5. Positive experiences and why s/he liked it
Yes, I have got this happy client video already
Step 2 - Send the Video
Send the video file to our corporate email or messengers via this page Contacts

Another option is to tell us the videohosting (such as Youtube) address where this clip can be found.
Yes, I have sent this video
Step 3 - Add Your Company Listing
Create a listing at Bizpages (start adding a company for free) to add all required data, such as:
  • Your Business Logo
  • Business Name as you want it to appear in the testimonial
  • City, country
  • Website of your company to channel your future visitors to.
Yes, I have listed my company and provided all details
Step 4 - Make Payment
Pay the video creation cost of 15 USD via the Payment Page.
Yes, I have paid the amount
Step 5 - Choose Animation
Choose animation for your video. It will be used to add visual effects to your business name.
Animation chosen
Step 6 - Add Call To Action
Add Call To Action (optional): the ending text calling customers to buy your products or services or offer discounts, etc.
Call To Action is Ready
When we receive your data and the payment, our visual art designer will check if all info is in place and will start making the video.

What Bizpages will deliver in the video

  • An intro containing key information about your business: Logo, Business Name, City & Country, website or email, name and origin of the client
  • Core content with the narrative of the happy client
  • Conclusion and Call To Action
In addition, Bizpages will
  • add it to its Youtube Channel
  • add it to your Business Listing and have it approved as a Product Page (this feature is normally available to Paid Subscription users only).


See below the real clients' testimonial videos that we have created and published for listed businesses on Bizpages:
Example 1 - Travel Agency Aba Travel
Example 2 - Travel Agency Aba Travel)

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