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Manheim Township psychiatrist charged with improperly prescribing drugs, insurance fraud


A psychiatrist in Manheim Township, prescribed drugs to patients without proper evaluation or physical interaction and no follow up at all. Grand jury also found that he also claimed bills from Medicaid or insurers for visits that never happened actually.

Bassam M.A. El-Borno, who is 64, was charged by the office of state general attorney after recommendations from the jury. Bassam M.A. El-Borno practiced at 160 North Pointe Blvd.

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Office of attorney general stated that Bassam prescribed over 70 Adderall to a man on the basis of medical condition explained by the man's wife and no face to face meeting. Apart from that, he also teased or taunted some of his patients by calling them "drug dealers" or "addicts" and billed Medicaid and insurers with "fake visits."

Bassam's attorney failed to respond to a message sent on Monday, and authorities failed to find his phone number. Bassam got a recognizance bail on $25,000. After having interviews and viewing patient files with other evidence, a psychiatrist review stated that Bassam did not follow patient-doctor protocols or good faith practices and other prestigious practices in the field.

Note: On a diagnosis of depression in a patient, five requirements are reported by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Josh Shapiro, the attorney general, stated that apprehending and convicting Bassam is a great victory, but the work is not done yet. He said that he would continue the good work by identifying practitioners who do not value human life just because of money, and he will hold them accountable for their wrongdoings.

Few records found

After requesting medical records and other requisites, investigators found out that Bassam prescribed medicines to a four-year-old girl in August 2017. However, after six months, the girl was admitted was shifted to the emergency section as she was suffering from fever, and her mental condition wasn't stable at all. She was listless and so disturbed that she even said to her mother that she wants to die. Doctors said that the medications she has been taking are a major cause for her current situation and that they should be stopped immediately.

Apart from other charges, including theft, fraud, drug violations, and incomplete records, Bassam was also accused of wiretapping. After searching his office, investigators also found that the prescription practice of Bassam was also questioned. In July 2019, CVS asked Bassam for a meeting because they found out that Bassam was prescribing some specific drugs way more than normal range as compared to other practitioners of the same specialty in that region.

Moreover, it also came to knowledge when investigators found out that Bassam also recorded all calls from CVS, and CVS had no idea that their calls were being recorded by El-Borno.

Department of state, Pennsylvania, also mentioned about the active medical license of Bassam El-Borno. But, investigators claimed that the answering service of Bassam El-Borno was responding to every patient with a message that El-Borno's office is closed and he will not be available for services for a while.

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