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How Can Teams Work with PDF Software in Real-Time?

03 Jul 2022

How Can Teams Work with PDF Software in Real-Time?

For many, it might sound cliché to say that teamwork is important, but in our current environment, the importance of teamwork can’t be overstated both in terms of its necessity as well the difficulty in achieving successful teamwork. This is because we live in a more globalized and connected world, but in some ways, we are more disconnected by distance, time zones, and even though the very technology that connects us. With more and more of us working remotely, we need to find better ways to work without coworkers on projects, presentations, and even documents. Working with documents proves a particular challenge since unlike video conferencing, generally, only one person is working with a document at one time. Although this creates some problems, if you are using an online PDF editor there are ways to mitigate these issues.

PDF editors are a great asset for those who need to work in a team. The reason for this is that although only one person can work at once, the documents can be worked on and then shared. You can do this with some other document types but the difference with the PDF editor is the tools at your disposal. PDF editors offer a large number of tools that can be used to edit and modify the document you are working on. You can use the PDF editor to edit a document, then share it with a coworker who can add or do something else, and on and on until all revisions are made. The other benefit of using a PDF editor is that it is easier to share between users.

Sharing a PDF document is simple. If you are using a different document type to produce documents, often you will have to compose an email, write some text, add an attachment then send the email. Between all that plus waiting for a reply and maybe some questions, it can become difficult and inefficient to use an email-based sharing system. An alternative way of sharing would be to use a PDF portfolio or a Google Drive account to share PDFs. This way a user could edit a PDF, save it, then another user could open it and work on it as well. There are other reasons why sharing via PDF is easier as well. You can add comments, reviews, revisions, and other things to a PDF to get insight or add improvements to a document.

What capabilities can teams get from PDF Editors?

There are many tools and capabilities available to users who work with PDF editors. The first and most obvious is probably the edit feature which is of course the hallmark of any PDF editor. This tool allows you to not only edit PDFs but also create them as you wish. This means that there are very few limitations regarding what you can do with a PDF editor when it comes to document creation. The edit feature can also be useful in more simple ways such as filling out a fillable PDF document like you would have to at the doctor’s office for example. While this is the most important feature of a PDF editor, it is not the only one.

In addition to the edit tool, one of the more useful tools for online PDF editors is the combination of the merge and split tools. These two do different things but act as counterparts to each other. As you might have guessed, the merge tool can be used to merge two or more PDFs together into a single document. This is useful when you need to compile work into a larger project which often happens when you are working in a group. The split tool conversely is used to split a PDF from another. This can be used when you need a specific piece of one PDF but not the whole document, which is often the case when you are working on larger projects and are working with a large amount of data.

Probably the most useful tool for editing and working on PDFs as part of a team is the ability to comment. When someone has worked on a document and then shares it with you, you have the option to make a comment that they then later will see. The advantage of this is that it gives you the ability to suggest changes, revisions, and suggestions to a document without having to change it. The comments are there not as an addition to the text but as an asset for the user. With most PDFs, you can even reply to comments. When done on the scale of a whole team, PDFs can be developed quickly with many different ideas and visions.

How can teams' PDFs share using Lumin PDF Editor?

When it comes to working in teams, one of the best assets you can have is a shared place to store your files. One of the ways mentioned earlier was with a special PDF portfolio where you can store your PDFs and other related documents and media. There is a better way than this though. If you are not familiar with Lumin PDF, it is a great online PDF editor that comes with some special features. One of these special features is that it can be used directly with Google Drive. As many companies use G-suite and by extension Google Drive as a way to organize files, using Lumin PDF can be a great way to share files with your teammates. By having a joint repository of files and related media, you will have an easier time working together and completing projects successfully and on time.

It can be difficult working with coworkers, especially in the age of remote work where your colleagues could be anywhere. But this does not need to be the case since there are many tools such as PDF editors and shared storage spaces that can not only make working on PDFs with a team possible but can ultimately improve the experience.

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