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Congressional Candidates At War On Immigration and Health Care


When it comes to politics, you can expect lots of things said. Out of the multitude of things that will be said, you can expect some to be true and others to be not-so-true. On the latter, U.S Rep Elise Stefanik's campaign has made some rather outrageous claims in regards to her rival Tedra Cobb's stance on immigration, and health care.

Stefanik's campaign issued a statement saying Cobb is supporting Medicare for All for every illegal immigrant in the country.

"Tedra must provide a detailed explanation to North County voters on why she wants American taxpayers to pay for medical services for illegal immigrants in the country," Stefanik said in a press release.

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However, this claim that American taxpayers will have to pay Medicare for All for illegal immigrants is untrue. According to the Congressional Budget Office, more than 50% of illegal immigrants pay some form of taxes, be it local, state, or federal taxes. The office further mentions that undocumented immigrants (illegal immigrants) can obtain individual tax identification numbers that can substitute for social security numbers.

"As long as you are in the U.S., I believe you should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. The best way to achieve this to offer people the chance to buy into Medicare," Cobb said.

According to Stefanik spokeswoman Madison Anderson, "Taxin' Tedra believes that taxpayers should pay for Medicare for All for non-citizens. However, she previously said that she supports zero resources for border security. She wants illegal immigrants to come into our shores in their thousands while hardworking citizens get to pay for their health care."

Cobb refused to comment on border security. However, in the past, she has opposed the building of a wall on the U.S border. Instead, she wants the money to be spent on other essential projects.

Mind you, she has never campaigned for zero resources for border security.

Stefanik's campaign is voicing that Cobb wants Medicare for All for illegal immigrants because it found a now-deleted policy on Cobb's website that mentions she "wants to provide quality and affordable health insurance to all occupants in the U.S."

As Anderson wrote, "This means citizens, legal non-citizens, and illegal non-citizens."

"The fact that we are struggling in the wake of this pandemic, and she still wants us to pay for Medicare for All for Illegal immigrants is just unacceptable," Stefanik said.

In response, Cobb said that Stefanik is "bringing the worst of Washington’s D.C, to our doorsteps."

Importance of cleaning the homeless's camps

When you clean a large amount of dirt, you find all kinds of objects. If it is in public places, a large amount related to drugs, such as marijuana plants, needles and tools used for use.

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - A homeless camp on the west side, close to a neighborhood, had several employees involved in evacuating people there.

Local residents were not surprised by the homeless camp near their home. Even if they had nothing against them, they were always worried about their safety, because you don't know the individuals who are there.

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District city councilor Melissa Cebello Havrda reports that the residents of that place have been there for years and over time have accomplished many things.

Therefore, when these people live close to a neighborhood, besides being dangerous, it can also hinder the coexistence of neighbors in that area.

The big problem with this camp, it was located near a drainage channel and had objects around it that were not safe.

One of the biggest problems was that needles, pipes and objectives were seen with the rivers, as there could be many more objects thrown in it and be more polluted in the depth.

Residents of the city say that seven people who used the camp were informed 48 hours beforehand about cleaning, but that 3 people actually attended when the police arrived to provide assistance.

There are possibilities for those residents who do not want to receive help from the services, as their personal items can be collected while cleaning. There are those who accept help, and there are others who end up moving.

For those who do not feel comfortable with this type of situation, the person can report homeless camps anonymously by calling 3-1-1. If you see that they are dangerous people and see that your safety may be at risk, just call 9-1-1.

In each location it may seem that there are similar situations, but each homeless camp is different, some may contain a lot of dirt and great possibilities for disease, others they just use the place for no problem and without disturbing anyone.

For environments like this to be safe, clean and that everyone can enjoy, it is necessary to unite everyone, government, residents, companies that specialize in this urban cleaning service, and the street dwellers themselves, to be aware that the public place must be preserved.

In every state, there is planning programs for the homeless. There are projects that reach $ 100 million for projects that support homeless people in Texas to be created and help this type of population.

That figure is part of a total of $ 2.2 billion that was earned nationally through donations. HUD's Continuum of Care so that they have all the support and almost 6,600 projects in this area. Who care for individuals and families who have nowhere to live?

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