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Logo - Fresh Wall Construction
Fresh Wall Construction
1651 Lynrick Rd #144Kelowna V1P 1R4 Kelowna, Canada
We are your dependable and trustworthy go-to drywall contractor in Kelowna, BC. Whether you want to install a new drywall or need to repair the damaged one, we have the...

updated: 21.07.2023 | client reviews: 0 | client rating: 2.78 | products & services: 0

Logo - MitigAir
563 Raphael Ave Mississauga, ON. L5B 1W9 Mississauga, Canada
MitigAir was founded with the vision of a safe and healthy living and working environment. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking. Given the severity...

updated: 29.12.2021 | client reviews: 0 | client rating: 2.77 | products & services: 0

Logo - Brampton General Contractors
Brampton General Contractors
10 Callandar Road Brampton, Canada
The team at Brampton General Contractors is knowledgeable, friendly, and always works hard to make their customers happy. We are professional and skilled, but also compassionate and understanding. We have...

updated: 06.09.2022 | client reviews: 0 | client rating: 2.77 | products & services: 0

Logo - Insulation Removal
Insulation Removal
L4E 3V5 Canada, Canada
If your Insulation is damaged, or cracked, our specialists will evaluate your Insulation. Our team members are experts in determining whether your Insulation can be repaired or has to be...

updated: 01.03.2023 | client reviews: 0 | client rating: 2.77 | products & services: 0

Logo - Geo Land Landscaping
Geo Land Landscaping
L3T 3C5 Toronto, Canada
Geo Land Landscaping is a reliable and professional landscaping company that specializes in creating beautiful outdoor spaces. With a focus on lawn care, hardscaping, tree care, and garden design, they...

updated: 23.03.2023 | client reviews: 0 | client rating: 2.77 | products & services: 0

Logo - Rid-Of-It Vancouver Junk Removal
Rid-Of-It Vancouver Junk Removal
2118 West 15th Avenue Suite 219 Vancouver, Canada
Rid-Of-It Vancouver Junk Removal provides affordable junk removal services in Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas. We cover everything from furniture disposal to yard and construction waste disposal. We know your...

updated: 06.06.2022 | client reviews: 0 | client rating: 2.76 | products & services: 0

Logo - Hardwood Design Centre
Hardwood Design Centre
13-1575 Upper Ottawa St ON, L8W 3E2, Hamilton Hamilton, Canada
Great floors are a lot more than simple design. At Hardwood Design Centre, we talk about elegance, style and value with every kinds of flooring available in our store. Versatile...

updated: 22.11.2021 | client reviews: 0 | client rating: 2.73 | products & services: 0

Logo - Ironclad Roofing
Ironclad Roofing
1405 Denison St n/a, Canada
Ironclad Roofing is a Canadian owned and operated metal roofing company in Ontario. We provide high-quality, durable, and reliable roofing solutions to homeowners throughout the province. Our team is committed...

updated: 26.05.2022 | client reviews: 0 | client rating: 2.70 | products & services: 0

Logo - Maximum Roofing
Maximum Roofing
12 Forestview Drive L9H 6N1 Dundas, Canada
At Maximum Roofing, we know that bigger doesn’t always mean better. That’s why we’ve chosen to remain a smaller, independent roofing company. Our small size provides a huge advantage to...

updated: 23.10.2021 | client reviews: 0 | client rating: 2.69 | products & services: 0

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