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A Simple & Low Cost Way to Build Natural Links - Use a Bonus from Bizpages

See how you can build backlinks to your pages in a natural way and just from $0.1 per link.

Why Build Backlinks

Links from other websites is an extremenly important signal to search engines (Google in particular). The signal can be either positive or negative. The positive signal tells Google that this website/webpage is worth attention of users and as such it can be ranked well in search results.

The negative signal can be of two types:
  1. no links at all, which means that nobody appreciates the contents of the website
  2. Too many low quality links which means that the owners of the website or its webmasters are trying to manipulate the links profile and circumvent search engines to obtain high positions.

How to Build Natural Links

Natural links are built by people who find your content, like it and decide to mention your page on their website, or in their article, post, forum comment, etc. with a link.

LinkingNaturally is a service that helps writers, bloggers, content creators and outreach specialists find your good content and link to it.

We on Bizpages offer a starting bonus of $10 to be used on LinkingNaturally to start build links immediately. The bonus becomes available with at least 3 months of paid subscription.

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