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How to list your business on Bizpages

Business companies and individuals across the world can be listed on Bizpages.

Who can be listed?

Any business-oriented company, organization, agency, service provider, association or individual entrepreneur from any country. Each user can list an unlimited number of businesses except for those mentioned in our Prohibited Listings page.

Listing Requirements
All listings are subject to approval by moderators. This means that only high quality businesses are accepted.
1. Business profile must be complete, contact details provided, activities described
2. Correct business category must be chosen
3. If indicated in the form, website or a page in social networks must be online, not under construction.

How to get listed

Initial Listing is a paid service. See Pricing Options

Step 1
Register on Bizpages. This is a simple procedure and it will take only a minute. All you need to register is a valid e-mail address.

Step 2
Fill in the form in your Account describing all aspects of your business. Be accurate and include as many details about your company and activities as possible.

Step 3
Pay Initial Listing Fee. Payment form is inside your Account.

Step 4
Our moderators check your listing and make is visible on Bizpages.

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