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Last updated: 13 May 2024

Yemen Business Directory & List of Companies

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Brief Overview of Yemen

Yemen, located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, is a nation steeped in history and culture. It spans a diverse landscape, covering a total area of approximately 527,970 square kilometers. As of the latest available data, Yemen is home to a population of around 29.8 million people.

Yemen on Map
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List of Provinces in Yemen

Yemen is divided into 22 governorates, each with its own unique character and leadership. Here is a list of the governorates with their respective populations and provincial capitals:

  • Sana'a - Population: Approximately 3.97 million, Provincial Capital: Sana'a City
  • Aden - Population: Approximately 1.11 million, Provincial Capital: Aden City
  • Taiz - Population: Approximately 3.59 million, Provincial Capital: Taiz City
  • Hodeidah - Population: Approximately 2.92 million, Provincial Capital: Hodeidah City
  • Ibb - Population: Approximately 2.16 million, Provincial Capital: Ibb City
  • Dhamar - Population: Approximately 2.31 million, Provincial Capital: Dhamar City
  • Al Hudaydah - Population: Approximately 1.57 million, Provincial Capital: Al Hudaydah City
  • Hadramaut - Population: Approximately 1.03 million, Provincial Capital: Mukalla
  • Mahra - Population: Approximately 488,151, Provincial Capital: Al Ghaydah
  • Marib - Population: Approximately 334,171, Provincial Capital: Marib City
  • Sa'dah - Population: Approximately 881,308, Provincial Capital: Sa'dah City
  • Al Bayda - Population: Approximately 801,515, Provincial Capital: Al Bayda City
  • Al Jawf - Population: Approximately 552,771, Provincial Capital: Al Hazm
  • Al Mahwit - Population: Approximately 731,548, Provincial Capital: Al Mahwit City
  • Amran - Population: Approximately 1.16 million, Provincial Capital: Amran City
  • Raymah - Population: Approximately 328,918, Provincial Capital: Al Jabin
  • Al Dhale'e - Population: Approximately 721,283, Provincial Capital: Al Dhale'e City
  • Sana'a City - Population: Approximately 2.31 million, Provincial Capital: Sana'a City
  • Abyan - Population: Approximately 796,762, Provincial Capital: Zinjibar
  • Lahij - Population: Approximately 840,028, Provincial Capital: Lahij
  • Shabwah - Population: Approximately 803,392, Provincial Capital: Ataq
  • Socotra - Population: Approximately 60,022, Provincial Capital: Hadibu

Top Five Cities in Yemen

Yemen boasts several historically significant and culturally rich cities. Here are the top five cities in Yemen by population:

  1. Sana'a - Population: Approximately 3.97 million
  2. Aden - Population: Approximately 1.11 million
  3. Taiz - Population: Approximately 3.59 million
  4. Hodeidah - Population: Approximately 2.92 million
  5. Ibb - Population: Approximately 2.16 million

Economy of Yemen

Yemen's economy faces various challenges due to political instability and conflict. Here are some key figures reflecting its economic situation:

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Yemen's GDP, as of the latest data, stands at approximately 27.54 billion USD.
  • GDP Growth: The country has experienced a decline in GDP growth due to ongoing conflict, with the latest recorded growth rate at approximately -28.00%.
  • GDP per Capita: With a population of 29.8 million, the GDP per capita in Yemen is approximately 925 USD.
  • Exports and Imports: The conflict has severely impacted Yemen's trade. Exports have reduced to approximately 709 million USD, and imports are around 6.12 billion USD.
  • Unemployment Rate: Yemen faces high unemployment, with a rate of approximately 25%.
  • Ease of Doing Business: Yemen's ease of doing business ranking is low due to the conflict, making business operations challenging.
  • Key Sectors of the Economy: Yemen's key sectors include agriculture, oil production, and trade, although these have been significantly affected by the ongoing conflict.

List of Ten Top Companies in Yemen

  • Yemen LNG (Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas Company Ltd.)
  • Hayel Saeed Anam Group
  • Yemen General Corporation for Cement Industry and Marketing
  • Yemen International Bank
  • Yemen Company for Investments in Telecommunications and Information Technology
  • Yemen Computer Center
  • Yemen Company for Sugar Refining
  • Yemen Company for Ghee and Soap Industry
  • Yemen Commercial Bank
  • Yemen Kuwait Bank for Trade and Investment

List of Ten Top Banks in Yemen

  • Central Bank of Yemen
  • Yemen International Bank
  • Yemen Commercial Bank
  • Yemen Kuwait Bank for Trade and Investment
  • Yemen Islamic Bank
  • Yemen Gulf Bank
  • Arab Bank Plc Yemen
  • Al Kuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank
  • Yemen Microfinance Network (MFN)
  • Saba Islamic Bank

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Maz Real Estat Co., Ltd

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