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Last updated: 29 Nov 2021

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Directory of Vietnamese business on Bizpages - here you can add your company and start promoting your company on the Internet. Our directory offers special tools to promote your company's services and products based in Vietnam. Start the process of managing your online business reputation and handle effectively customer reviews. In addition, you can start a long term search engine optimization campaign to promote your corporate website.
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Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia, located on the coast of the South China Sea, bordered by Cambodia, China, and Laos.

Area: 331,212 km².

Population - 95.54 million (2018)

Officially, there are 54 nationalities in Vietnam. In practice, some small ethno-linguistic groups are combined with larger ones, and the real number of ethnic groups is noticeably higher. So, according to Ethnologue, there are 103 languages ​​in Vietnam.

Official nationalities are grouped into 8 official groupings by language: Vietnamese (that is, peoples who speak the languages ​​of the Vietnamese group of Mon-Khmer languages), Mon-Khmer (peoples who speak the rest of the Mon-Khmer languages), Tibeto-Burmese, Chinese, Thai , Miao-Yao, Cham (peoples speaking the Cham languages) and others (includes only peoples speaking the Kadai languages), as well as foreigners.

Features: the country has access to the sea.

Capital city: Hanoi - 8.054 million (2019).

Five largest cities in Vietnam

  1. Hue
  2. Nha Trang
  3. Dalat
  4. Phan Thiet
  5. Ho Chi Minh City
Economy. GDP volume: USD 262 billion (2019). GDP growth rate: 6.88% (Q3/18), GDP per capita: USD 2082 (2019), GDP per capita based on PPP: USD 8041 (2019), Annual Inflation Rate: 3.18% (Aug 2020), Salary: VND 5981 / month | 258 USD/month (Q4/18). Unemployment rate: 2.73% (Q2/20) Corruption rank is 96.

According to the World Bank's "Doing Business" rating, Vietnam is ranked 70th out of 190 countries. Currency: Vietnamese dong.

The main profitable industries for the Vietnamese economy are electronics, food processing, construction, mining and tourism.

Exports totalled 265 billion USD (Aug 2020). As of 2014, Vietnam's main export items were textiles (USD 24.5 billion), mobile phones and components (USD 24.1 billion), computers and electronics (11.6 billion USD), footwear (9.7 billion USD), seafood ( 7.9 billion USD), bags and suitcases (2.1 billion USD), plastic products (1.9 billion USD).

Imports - Cumulative imports to Vietnam were 253 billion USD in 2019. In value terms, the increase in the supply of goods/services to Vietnam compared to 2018 was 6.99%: the imports increased by 16.5 billion USD (in 2018, merchandize worth 236 billion USD were imported to Vietnam).

TOP 10 goods imported to Vietnam in 2019:
  1. 12.1% (30 billion USD): Electronic integrated circuits.
  2. 5.25% (13.3 billion USD): Telephone devices, including telephone devices for cellular networks or other wireless networks; other equipment
  3. 2.5% (6.34 billion USD): Oil and refined products.
  4. 1.79% (4.55 billion USD): Diodes, transistors and similar semiconductor devices; photosensitive semiconductor devices
  5. 1.5% (3.8 billion USD): Crude oils and crude oil products.
  6. 1.42% (3.6 billion USD): Broadcasting or television transmission equipment.
  7. 1.4% (3.56 billion USD): Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, 600 mm wide or more, hot-rolled, unclad, not plated or coated.
  8. 1.4% (3.55 billion USD): Printed diagrams
  9. 1.38% (3.51 billion USD): Hard coal; briquettes, pellets and similar solid fuels derived from coal

5 largest companies in Vietnam

  1. Vietcombank
  2. FPT
  3. PetroVietnam
  4. Vinamilk
  5. Vingroup

5 largest banks in Vietnam

  1. Vietcombank
  2. Agribank
  3. BIDV
  5. MB (Military Bank) Bank

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