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Last updated: 05 Feb 2024

Chile Business Directory & List of Companies

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Country Statistics

  • Total Area: 756,102 square kilometers
  • Population: 19.3 million
  • Population Growth Rate: 0.87% (2021)
  • Ease of Doing Business Rating: 59th (World Bank, 2020)
  • Unemployment Rate: 7.0% (2021)

Chile, a country located in South America, offers a diverse landscape and a growing economy. With a total area of 756,102 square kilometers and a population of approximately 19.3 million people, Chile is known for its stunning natural beauty, including the Andes Mountains and a long coastline along the Pacific Ocean. The country's population has been experiencing modest growth at a rate of 0.87% as of 2021.

Economy of Chile

Chile's economy is characterized by its openness to trade and investment. It has a well-developed financial sector, strong institutions, and a commitment to economic stability. The ease of doing business in Chile is reflected in its 59th ranking according to the World Bank's assessment in 2020. The unemployment rate, while experiencing fluctuations, stood at 7.0% in 2021, indicating both opportunities and challenges in the labor market.

Chile on Map
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Chilean Provinces and Population

  • Arica y Parinacota: 226,068
  • Tarapacá: 330,558
  • Antofagasta: 691,854
  • Atacama: 286,168
  • Coquimbo: 757,586
  • Valparaíso: 1,815,902
  • Metropolitana de Santiago: 7,112,808
  • Del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins: 918,149
  • Maule: 1,144,774
  • Ñuble: 480,609
  • Biobío: 2,253,267
  • La Araucanía: 1,016,218
  • Los Ríos: 405,835
  • Los Lagos: 828,708
  • Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo: 105,884
  • Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena: 171,165

1. Five Top Cities of Chile with Population

  1. Santiago - Population: 5.8 million

    Santiago, the capital and largest city of Chile, is a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant culture and economic significance.

  2. Valparaíso - Population: 967,110

    Valparaíso, a historic port city, is renowned for its colorful hillside houses and artistic flair.

  3. Concepción - Population: 664,471

    Concepción is a major industrial and educational hub in southern Chile.

  4. Viña del Mar - Population: 367,322

    Viña del Mar, often called the "Garden City," is a popular coastal resort destination.

  5. Antofagasta - Population: 378,137

    Antofagasta, located in the north, is a key mining and economic center.

2. Economy of Chile

Chile boasts a stable and open economy that has experienced remarkable growth over the years. It is characterized by a diverse range of industries, including mining, agriculture, and services.

3. Ten Top Companies of Chile with Capital Figures

  1. Codelco - Capital: 9.8 billion USD

    Codelco is the world's largest copper producer and a key player in the global mining industry.

  2. LATAM Airlines Group - Capital: 9.4 billion USD

    LATAM Airlines is one of the largest airline groups in Latin America, providing air travel services across the region and beyond.

  3. Enel Chile - Capital: 6.9 billion USD

    Enel Chile is a leading energy company, specializing in electricity generation and distribution.

  4. Empresas CMPC - Capital: 6.3 billion USD

    Empresas CMPC is a major player in the forestry and paper industry, producing a wide range of paper products.

  5. Parque Arauco - Capital: 6.1 billion USD

    Parque Arauco is a prominent real estate developer and operator, with a focus on shopping malls and commercial properties.

4. Ten Top Banks of Chile with Capital Figures

  1. Banco Santander Chile - Capital: 10.7 billion USD

    Banco Santander Chile is a leading bank offering a wide range of financial services, both domestically and internationally.

  2. Banco de Chile - Capital: 10.5 billion USD

    Banco de Chile is one of the largest banks in Chile, providing banking and financial solutions to individuals and businesses.

  3. Banco Estado - Capital: 9.8 billion USD

    Banco Estado is a state-owned bank that serves as a key financial institution in Chile, offering inclusive banking services.

  4. Itaú Corpbanca - Capital: 5.2 billion USD

    Itaú Corpbanca is a prominent bank in Chile, specializing in commercial and corporate banking solutions.

  5. Scotiabank Chile - Capital: 4.7 billion USD

    Scotiabank Chile is a subsidiary of the Canadian multinational bank and offers a wide range of financial services.

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