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What we do at ReikiRiz
Reiki Spiritual Healing Energy & Negative Entity Removal - Master Reiki - Remote Healer - Life Coach - Spiritual & Remote Healing Therapy - Modern Day Exorcist: ReikiRiz.com Hi, I am a Master Reiki - Remote Healer & Life Coach. I Provide Advanced Remote Reiki Energy Manipulation, Spiritual Therapy & Perform Negative Entity Removal Services. Our lives are very challenging - to say the least!! How we deal with challenges is what governs our future. This is a very powerful statement and you would be wise to read between the lines. There are many factors that dictate our progress. Some worldly and some, not so. I use my gift of ESP (Extra Sensory Powers) to let you know what's going on around you and within you. I am not a 'Medium' nor a Fortune Teller, nor do I deal with Astrology. However, occasionally I do get messages from those that have left loved ones behind. Sometimes we feel stagnant in our lives, not knowing where to look, whom to turn to or we don't even know what's wrong, but feel something just isn't right. That's ok. I can help you. We are all good or talented at something. This is my forte and I want to be there for you and your family (and pets), to progress. You will get a lot of valuable information on my website. Get in touch.... it doesn't have to be formality... We are all human and equal - Just like how we go to the hairdressers or doctors for a service, you can talk to me about your life and what you're feeling. I have taken the first step to knock on your door. Now it's your choice to open and let the 'light' in or just continue your life. Either way, I wish you Serenity, Happiness, Unity within your family & Prosperity. As my customers range in geographic locations (California, Alberta, British Columbia, England & Arizona), I perform various remote techniques to ascertain positive gain for you. I do not have to be there physically, although I do try to visit all my patients when I am in their specific location. I am a Natural, Gifted, Energy Healer and Manipulator. My work and customers have included helping numerous Master Reiki clients, critically ill patients - where doctors have said "do not hope", but come back with "this is a miraculous recovery - in just three short days?". Some clients, with marital problems, issues with in-laws, matters pertaining to work colleagues, having very little energy, feeling low, post surgery pain, physical discomfort, headaches and migraines have been relieved. There are those, with constant bad luck, misguided souls, surrounded by negative aura's, followed by negative entities, cursed, been given the evil-eye, have spells cast upon them and or stuck in a rut. Cleansing your aura, home, workplace, car etc are ways for self progression. My work is to help you come out of the negative and live in the positive. I utilize my life coaching skills to allow your mind to see beyond that which you are used to. I use my abilities to remove unwanted spirits, negative entities and seal places against evil. These services can all be performed remotely - without being present - aka distance healing.
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08 May 2020
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