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Why You Shouldn’t Use Even the Best Website Builders

04 Apr 2021

Creating an online presence is crucial to the success of your business. What's even more important is making sure that presence is going to reflect well on your brand. This brings us to the fact that you should never use even the best website builders because they don’t perform as well as you may think they do.

Building a business website

Not Even the Best Builders?

Not even the best. A simple comparison between the best website makers will show you quickly how website builders fall short in comparison to developers. How do they fall short though?

No Diversification

Website builders use templates that severely limit your sites customizability and functionality. As a result, your site will look just like thousands of other people’s sites, possibly even your competitors.


The code used to build a business site is not SEO optimized well. Thus, your site will struggle to rank well on search engines, meaning a limited number of people will actually be able to find it. Also, the SEO tools they offer are not very helpful if you don’t know how to use them.

Not Mobile Friendly

Most people view websites from their mobile devices nowadays. Website builders use non-responsive website designs that don’t transfer well into a mobile friendly viewing. This takes away from the credibility of your site.

You Can’t Move Your Site

You don’t actually own your site when you build it with a website builder. As a result, if you ever wanted to move it to a different web host, you couldn’t.

Not Scalable

Most web builders only allow one page for your site. That is not enough to showcase your brand. If you want to scale your site to grow with your business, you can’t with most website builders because they simply can’t support it.

Website Builders Are Bad for Business

No matter how great a website builder claims to be, you should not use them if you want your business to succeed. Having bad SEO combined with the limited ability to scale severely limits your sites, thus your business', chance of success.

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